Why Americans are so against Immigrants (illegal or not)?

First of all, let me start by saying that I was born in America and my parents were once immigrants. My mom is from Brazil and my dad is from Middle East. I'm happy that I am mixed because I can experience two different culture =p

Well I just don't understand why ppl are so against immigrants... especially Mexican immigrants. All they want is a better life, and America has the best to offer it. Wouldn’t u want the best possible life?

Do u have any idea what they have to go through to jump the border? I know this Mexican construction worker who said he paid $1000 to a group of guys to help him jump the border (of course there was more ppl along with him) He told me during the trip he witnessed women being raped, children dying of hunger/thirst and travelers just collapsing from the hot weather. It’s kinda sad when they realize they have to go back to their country.

Okay so I know this girl in my school that is very racist against illegal immigrants and we are having a conversation just yesterday. I asked her, what bother her the most and she said that immigrants are taking all of the available jobs out there. Awww come on, most immigrants work getting paid min wage or even less and their jobs are more likely to be those job that no one wants to work (harvesting, construction worker, etc…)

She also said some immigrants come here with a criminal record…….if u had a criminal record, wouldn’t u want to move somewhere else?

They are ruining the economy? Okay that’s the only thing I agree, we can’t tell if they are paying their taxes or not, and yet they’re taking advantage if our public system, such as our children’s education. Sure this mean more fund for ESL students, but come on…we are on debt and we are paying millions of dollar to the War in Iraq. Why pay millions dollar for the useless war while we can use the money to help a human being in having better life?

The only thing that annoys me is that we are here paying our taxes and they are not. So in my opinion, to solver this, we should welcome illegal immigrants, register every one of them (not necessarily make them US citizen), and make sure they are paying their taxes.

Come on, we are all human….immigrants was the one who build this great country.

Think about it~

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    because people let radio/TV do the thinking for them...look at netjrs answer....hes pretty firm on what he believes but he has no idea where he saw those numbers.

    Its so easy to double standard immigrants and say that they are the problem but people frankly don't care...its easy to pick out an immigrant from the group and blame them because they are somehow different

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    Lumping legal and illegal immigration into the question is a typical spin by those who want open borders and care nothing about our own culture and laws. Most of those opposed to illegal immigration have little concern over legal immigration - in fact some of the most opposed people to illegal immigration are family members of those trying to get here legally and having to wait.

    Illegal immigrants number more then 10 million and possibly as many as 20 million. They are no doubt a serious burden on schools, health care and law enforcement - in fact they kill 25 people a day in the United States - more then the number of soldiers killed each day in Iraq - far more.

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    I think the problem is not the legals, but the illegals. The old adage that on rotten apple spoils the bunch applies. I think the legal community should be in the most uproar. There are legal ways to get in the US and for those who do it legal I would think that they would be mad at those not following the laws. Those who take the time are allowed in. It may take longer, but it's the right thing to do. When you break the laws whether it is to enter the country or rob a bank you undermine the laws that this nation was built on. As you said it was immigrants that have made this nation, but they did not sneak in the came within the law. I don't want to deprive anyone of wanting a better life, but to undermine the laws is to undermine the freedom they are searching for.

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    America WELCOMES immigrants. It is illegal immigrants we don't care for.

    Why, you ask?

    1. They do not pay taxes, and yet are able to advantage of welfare, food stamps, and medical care. Some illegals have it better than some poor citizens. I don't even have medical.

    2. They do not come here to embrace our culture---they refuse to learn the language, follow the law, and demand that they fly their flag ABOVE ours.

    3. No other country in the whole world allows this kind of behavior (from again ILLEGAL) immigrants.

    4. Schools are having to completely change and slow down their curriculums---most teachers have to struggle with teaching half the kids English. Benefits illegals, but is VERY dentimental to English speaking kids, who need a good education.

    5. Hospitals are so swamped with unpaid bills and expenses of illegals, they are having to SHUT down. Never good.

    And did you actually say that if someone had a criminal record, that of course they would want to move somewhere else? You are absolutely right---often to commit more crimes and move on. A drug dealer, a rapist, a murderer, a wife beater...maybe you have sympathy for them. I don't.

    And I am not heartless. My heart BREAKS from the stories of children starving to death, women being raped, families torn asunder. But you don't think that happens here in America? We have starving kids on the street or in the ghetto or living in squalor who are unable to afford to go to the doctor. When an illegal comes in and taxes the system, it makes it even less likely that citizen will ever get it. We need to get our own country on track before even thinking about letting in MILLIONS of illegals who want to break the law and spit on our people and culture.

    And those immigrants you say built America? You're right again. The difference? They came here LEGALLY. They worked their butts off. They learned the language and assimilated to the culture, and were PROUD to be Americans!!! This new crop of (again ILLEGALS) does not want to do this. They give no respect to our country whatsoever.

    Not all of them are like that---true. But a majority are, and when you are talking MILLIONS...that's not a good thing.

    Those are my issues.

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    well after reading thousands of Q and As, i hv come to the conclusion that young mexicans living here want illegals allowed, mostly because they have the same blood, which is ok, on the other hand i hv read many letters from people who went thru the proper channels of citizenship and they deplore illegals! why should the illegals be given a free ride ? yes we are all Human, and Humans no the difference between right and wrong

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    You CANNOT lump illegal and legal immigrants together.

    Illegal = Criminal, against the law, not allowed.

    Both my parents' parents came from other countries as LEGAL immigrants to this country. Those LEGAL immigrants learned ENGLISH and ASSIMULATED into the culture of this country. They still celebrated and embraced their own traditions and cultures, but did so in the privacy of their own home. They did NOT expect the people of this country to make changes to accommodate them.


    In the 1990's, a family from China (here LEGALLY), brought a family member here LEGALLY. He did not know English and was enrolled in the elementary school. They requested the same service the spanish speaking hispanics were getting. An education taught in their native tongue. The family was DENIED! The school claimed they were not able to provide service for this Chinese boy the same as the hispanic children (who were mostly from illegal immigrants draining our tax dollars). In spite of this discrimination, the boy learned English, assimulated into this culture the same as his family, and did all this without being a burden on the taxpayers. He far exceeded his classmates, inspite of his disadvantage, English or spansh speaking.

    The contruction industry is taking a beating because of illegal immigration. Those who play(ed) by the rules went out of business because they could not compete with those hiring under the table and undercutting the true cost of a project, or teetering on the brink of collaspe. A lot of LEGAL construction workers have not seen a wage increase in DECADES. LEGAL construction workers can no longer support their families as they use to and have been forced to go elsewhere, or live sub-standard lives. Where's your sympathy for those who have worked so hard for so many years only to lose to those who shouldn't even be here in the first place?!

    It was the LEGAL immigrants who built this great country -- NOT the illegal immigrants who are dragging it down. A criminal is a criminal. You invite them to live with you and you support them while they steal from you. I choose to oppose illegal immigration.

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    Please don't buy into the myth that illegal immigrants are only taking jobs that no one wants. Many, many Americans have lost their jobs to illegals simply so the employers can save a few bucks. You might not want a construction or factory job, but if you are still in school you are to young to realize that 20 years ago Americans did these jobs.

    Factories and construction companies laid off their workers and hired illegals who would work for less, and what happened the the families of the Americans? They either take lower paying jobs (and file bankruptcy) or they are forced onto welfare. Do a search on the shrinking middle class in this country, that decline correlates directly with the increase in immigration.

    I understand that you feel sympathy for people in poorer countries but the answer isn't importing them into our country. If we are going to fix poverty in Mexico, it must be fixed at the source.

    Here is a video that explains the problem quite well.


  • Most are illegal because they are so poor they can't afford to get a visa or are denied one because of that. Illegal doesn't exactly mean they killed or stole; most just couldn't get papers due to their poverty and sometimes ignorance, ignorance that somebody legal (I assume) like "blahblahbla" or whatever his or her nickname is shows by saying that mexicans speak "mexican." Hello my friend! if the illegals get access to our education system why don't you do the same? They speak Spanish.

    I hate to generalize, not all illegals are bad, a lot are here not because they just said "Oh, what a beautiful place, let's live there," but because their need or hunger pushed them to do so. I have a heart and I feel bad for whoever struggles to have a better life, I am nobody to judge and at the end we are all immigrants.

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    I have nothing against legal immigrants except when they start forcing their culture down my throat.

    I'm sick and tired of going somewhere and have to wait because Maria or Jose don't bother to learn the language and now can't communicate properly. Why should I learn Spanish? They need to learn English. Most other cultures at least attempt to learn the language.

    Mexicans come to this country and act like we owe them something. Not my fault they lost the war. Be happy with what you have left. Then they have the balls to hold a rally for an illegal act.

    That should be plenty as to why the problems with Mexicans.

    They need to fight for rights in their own country.

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    1 decade ago

    your an idiot if you think we should allow people with criminal records in. I do agree we need to make some reforms the biggest problem I have are the two ways I see it

    1. I Don't wanna pay for their mistakes and shity voting skills

    2. God would want me to let them in for a better life

    Now also I see it in terms of the irish immigration which my family is part of and it is very similar but ireland and mexico are very different countries so you can't use that arguement(many people do)



    English speaking-meixican speak

    Same culture-Different culture

    Starving to death-not starving to death

    We need to fast-track those already in the country and anyone with a criminal record not allowed in( you want a murderer in our country? I dont). check public systems and if illegal send them back but put in a fast-track system

    We need to let a way bigger portion into the country but it is so hard to say

    anyhow I agree we need to stop this racism

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    1 decade ago

    Good question but you won't hear many good answers on this forum. Don't believe the whole "they steal jobs bull", in fact in Colorado their was such a lack of illegals that they had to hire prisoners to pick produce!The majority of Americans don't hate illegals . And if you want I can email you tons of recent unbiased polls to prove it. The antis don't hate illegals because they are illegal they are simply afraid that the US will turn into Mexico with is absurd since 50% of illegals aren't even from Mexico. Did the US turn into Ireland when the Irish came?Did the US turn into China when the Chinese immigrants came over?(and so on)No of course not. This is a clear example of history repeteing itself and it's sad that so many people have bought into the right wing propaganda.

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