Does israel like the U.S?

Do they, i know we supply weopans to them and there cool with me. LOVE THE WORLD

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    Israel and the United States of America are military allies. It has nothing to do with personal interests, although we, as British People (always neutral - wise) know very well there are many jewish people from Israel, who emigrated to the USA since the early part of the 20th Century.

    I believe it is a strictly political relationship. A very Infamous relationship indeed, because Palestine always claims to be victimised, leading to all sorts of problems.

    The supply of weapons from the USA to Israel is part of a military cooperation which is strictly political in the sense that, their constitutions are VERY similar to each other.

    I cannot go into too much detail for what I want to tell you here, but the fact that even Britain`s constitution is more conservative than the USA`s in various aspects. We have different targets, a more introvertish type of thinking and the list goes on, because we are in Europe afterall!

    Whereas Israel is the nearest country which the USA could associate itself to.....and it`s justification???.....well simply that they have many things in their consititution which are in common to each other.

    So, YES, I do think Israel feels attached to America. As long as Israel is keeping up to its limits, the relationship should be strong.

    Do NOT forget one thing lads; The constitution of any country is the fundamental written lines the country as a whole is governed.


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    I'm really quite bemused by the misinformation included in a few of these responses.

    Firstly, yes, Israeli people love America. They know that the USA is their most loyal ally and they also know that, military aid aside, America is the one country that probably understands Israel properly.

    Secondly: America gives billions in aid to Germany and many other countries. Why is this never queried? Why is it only ever the help given to Israel that people ask about???

    Thirdly: Israel's enemies are America's enemies. For so long, Israel has been battling the same terrorists who caused loss of life in New York and London. America gets the benefit of Israeli intelligence info.

    Fourthly; re the US Liberty. This was not an 'attack'. This is a well documented case of 'friendly fire' - just like the case recently when the Americans killed two British pilots. Friendly fire, alas, happens in most military/war situations. Israel would never 'attack' an American target, it's just not logical.

    Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. All of the free world should be supporting her. To their shame, they don't, but thankfully, America does.

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    The allies of WW2 set up the nation of Israel and of all of them the US has been their most staunch ally.

    Because of the Cold War the US needed allies in the Middle East. The Shaw's of Iran were unreliable, as the last Shaw proved, and rest of the region was falling under communist influence. So Israel made an important ally in the region, although sometimes they got mail addressed to their embassy from the US with their nation's name misspelled.

    As a result of Iran's rattling of its nuclear saber the US has authorized billions of dollars in arms sales to 8 of our allies in the region. Because this will worry Israel the expected response is to authorize an even bigger deal for them.

    It has always been a strongly held US policy that the government of Palestine has to recognize Israel's right to exist. The US is behind most of the sanctions against the Palestinian’s when they refused to do so. So the US has proved to be a very good friend and ally to Israel. It hasn’t stopped them spying on us and the single greatest breach in US security, the Walker case, was organized by Israel.

    Iran feels that Israel is a puppet of the US in our undeclared war against them. It was they who declared war when their “students” took over the American Embassy, but the Iranian people thought the US was their enemy long before that. The Shaw of Iran was a cruel dictator and the last one was a rich playboy and lavish spender, on himself. The Iranian Secret police were about as cruel as the KGB. When the average Iranian saw the people oppressing him were all wearing US uniforms, carrying US made rifles, and driving US made tanks they thought the US backed the government. When the Shaw was overthrown in a popular revolt the US lead a coalition that put his family back into power. When the last Shaw got sick he fled to the US. So Iran has though that the US was their mortal enemy for over 40 years.

    With Israel right on their border we need such a strong ally. The Iranians don’t have a nuclear program today because Israelis bombed their pervious program plant out of existence. That’s why their new program is built underground and it may take an a-bomb to get to it.

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    Ask any sailor who was aboard the USS LIBERTY on June 1967 during the Israeli attack.

    Why does Israel send so many spies to the U.S.?

    Why did Jonathan Pollard spy for Israel? And why didn't Israel turn Pollard over for spying if Israel is a friend of the U.S.?

    Why does Israel essentially bite the U.S. hand that feeds it?

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    israel is the americas little brother in the mid east! they have provided our country a open arms attitude and every president has honored the fact that Israel is our best friend! sure theres lots of anti semites... brainwashed arabs/ skin heads.. and look what they have done to our world and society!as long as freedom rings for Israel, the USA will always be protected there! plain and simple as that

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    Countries don't have the ability to either like or dislike other countries.

    No country on earth has friends,

    Countries have allies, but allies change over time,

    As the national interest of the countries change.

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    They like the billions of dollars we send them...America likes having an ally in the Middle East.

    Many Israelis have relatives in the U.S., so I'm sure the feeling are generally positive.

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    Name one time when the Israeli's have failed to do our dirty work in the middle east. Name one war where the Israeli's have not given their full support. Why do you think we give Israel so much money - because they will ultimately do our bidding in the middle east. Name one other country that has willingly signed itself up to be the U.S. scapegoat . . .? You are a fool if you can't or won't recognize the best friend this country will ever have.

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    Israel would not be where it is now if we did not give them so much money and so many weapons. The Zionists in charge are using yes, they like us.

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    well they bombed the USS Liberty killing Americans. sold your weapons to the Chinese, sold the patriot missile system to the Chinese, sold nuclear secrets to India, and that is just what we know. plus all the israeli spies in America, cant forget that.

    i would say no they have contempt for america, but with the aire of facade, fake it, and take your money.

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