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I can't wait 'till King Booker beats Lawler in that match tonight, watch here how Lawler disrespected him,

He said he wasn't a king just because most of the people booed him, he called him a dillusional royal pain in the ****, and then he cheap-shotted him and threw all his King Booker's royal fruit out of the ring on top of him.

This video says it all,

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Jerry "The King" Lawler's gonna pay for that tonight.

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    and Lawler has the nerve to say other wrestlers like edge shelton and orton or disrespectful

    I hope King Booka gives Lawler a royal kick in the ar$e

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    King Booka needs to change his name to the Booka King...Lawler was "The King" before the WWE ever had their first King of the Ring tournament. He was "The King" while Booker T was still working at Wendy's, before being arrested and serving 19 mos for armed robbery. This is going to lead to a match where the loser can never use the word "King" in their name again...which, Lawler will of course win, because removing his nickname of "The King" would be like if they stopped referring to Flair as "The Nature Boy". Booker T has to lose this feud. Its the only logical outcome.

    PS, The Star, you are a moron if you think Lawler wasn't a great wrestler...Lawler holds the record for most championships won, at 126 different title reigns.

  • You are so dumb, you're probably a twelve-year-old mark who JUST LOVES JOHN CENA, right? King Booker is so dumb and annoying cuz he sucks and Batista beat him, right? Jerry Lawler is nice which means he's a better wrestler, right?

    WAKE UP!!!

    Jerry "The King" Lawler was not a great wrestler, even in his prime. Booker T is a multiple time United States Champion, has held more tag titles than I can count, a five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and just last year was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

    You take WWE too TNA or ROH

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    Mabye this means Booker turns face, drops the king gimmick and return to being good old Bookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T!!!

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    dude, dude, dude, dude! it was wrong of Booker to ask Jerry to de- crown but he did it nicely. but then Booker bad a big deal about it and Jerry might not get puddles. and if i remember correctly 2 weeks ago Booker made cheep shot at Jerry so i hope Booker gets it tonight!

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    Lawler is going to win!

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    so what is your question??

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