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does necrotizing fascitis ever truel go away or will the person have complications their whole life?

i caught necrotizing fascitis in october of 2006 and since then i have had 14 surgeries on the arm and it looks as if i have more comming. is this common. and what are some more side affects i should expect

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Narcotizing fascitis is caused by a bacteria, and that goes away. The problem is the soft tissue damage left behind, as you well know. Once the surgeon has optimized your arm function you will probably will be done for a while with the surgeries. There shouldn't be any other side effects not related to tissue damage. That is to say, the only residual problems you should have will be related to the soft tissue damage

    good luck with your upcoming surgery = and write down your questions for your doctor. If you give him a list he would be able to answer them for you more accurately than we can, and I know that going into a doctors office makes me forget my questions really fast!

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  • 1 decade ago

    my friend had it and is supposedly the only person to survive with all his limbs

    he lives, i think, a fairly normal life. i dont think it has come back. but he is allergic to penicilin now, and will prolly need more surgery on his arms (and those old skin grafts scars)

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