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Dog walking help.. Preferably small breed owners!!?

I have a miniature pinscher and walks are terrible. Does anyone know if the 'Halti' is ok to use on small breeds? If not whats another collar like item i can try??


the problem is the pulling. and he pulls so much that he's walking on his hind legs

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    Hold the leash plum to the ground without any slack in it. When the dog pulls, equal tension should be applied to the leash in an upward motion. If it's done right- he should be walking on his hind legs. If he wants to walk on four- he has to stay at your side. Try a 'pop' leash correction if you sense he's getting diverted in order to get him focused back to you. And, keep the collar right behind his ears- it's like power steering.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Fostered rescue dogs- many were not leash trained.
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    Hi I have a Wire-haired Fox Terrier - a bit bigger than a Min Pin, but the Gentle Harness works wonders.

    I still recommend an obedience trainer/class. But when walking be firm yet consistent.

    I also recommend walks/run about the same time each day for a while. Therefore you two will have a pattern and you can work on the obedience and walking on a leash/lead.

    I actually go running in the morning with my Foxie. She has a whole lotta energy. She wears the Gentle Harness, and it helps when I need to reinforce the 'Leave it' command. She's okay with most dogs; but with the rabbits and other critters, OH man she can go haywire. Well over time with the harness she settles down MUCH faster, and her attention is back with me and the run.

    Here is a link - the green goes over the back. The black loop on the bottom goes behind the front legs.

    the loops is in the front (at the chest area).

    Hook the leash in the metal loop.

    Happy walking.

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    If the problem is pulling....don't let them lead you. You are the leader of the pack not the dog. When they start to pull, stop walking, tell the dog to come, bring treats with you once the dog is there place treat to your side, and continue to walk. If the dog starts pulling again keeping doing the same thing do not walk any further until they are back at your side but make sure you are rewarding the good behavior. Also making sure you are keeping the leash short. If walking on your right put the handle of the leash in your left hand and hold it across your body with your right hand holding on also where it crosses to your right, this creates an angle for the leash. If walking on your left vice versa, but keep it short. Harnesses are good they make anti-pulling ones which don't automatically make them stop you have to have dominance as well over the dog. Hope this helps!

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    A Halti or Gentle Leader harness is usually fine with small breeds the problem is getting them to fit well.

    Why are the walks "terrible"? Maybe you should think about working with an obedience trainer.

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    Yes, I have a halti for my maltese and it works great. The only thing is he is always trying to get it off so I end up partially dragging him the first few minutes of our walk. I just keep walking, I don't say a word to him, and he deals with it eventually. He has to know that I am in charge and it's not coming off. I am sure that my neighbors think I am cruel though! : )

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    I hear that the new harness (easy walk) is a good one for dogs that choke and pull when being walked. I seen it being used on TV and want to buy one for all my dogs. Not sure what a halite is though.

    Source(s): Rachel Ray television Show
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    I even have a mini-dachshund, he grew to become into straight forward to coach. obdurate little adult adult males, they do what they choose yet they are rather lovey, bond very rather, have self assurance of their owners, a minimum of mine does, he wont do something without my permission. He wont even inspect some thing frightening on his very own, rather a sissy? yet I raised him that way because of the fact that they are trouble-free to be fearless. i did no longer choose him chasing issues down and barking at each and everything, no longer that they bark too lots. straight forward to guard. do no longer choose any brushing. they do no longer shed yet they are no longer getting a wintry climate coat so in the process the winters they are in a position to get chilly, if there is lots of snow around you you're able to be able to ought to speculate in a jacket, mine wont set foot exterior without his on. You do although ought to commence off early without leaping. attempt to steer clear of him from leaping on fixtures too lots, prepare him to await you to %. him up first. That way he/she wont have any back issues interior the destiny. And in case you do get one, once you get their photos, be useful to inform the vet to grant him/her a benadrell shot besides. Their trouble-free for poofing up from their pup photos. Mine did his first time. Benedrill labored on him.

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    what is the actual problem?too much barking? beacause we got a muzzle or something i think thats whats its called,or take him or her out at night to get used to the envirement if thats the problem.

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    ok wht is the problem it is a small dog hyper yes but small

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