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Same font, same style why is it printing out different?! Need help with word document!!?

I'm working on a program. The employee index looks something like the one below (except aligned on both sides). But when I print out the "dots" are different sizes. I used same font, same style why do they look different?

Jane Doe...................Director of Admissions

John Doe....... Career Planning/Industrial

Janet Smith......................................................Campus Director

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm guessing you actually typed the dots. Instead, use what's called a "dot leader" in conjunction with a right-aligned tab.

    1. Get rid of the dots you have now. The name and title should be run together -not even a space between them

    2. Highlight the lines on which this formatting is to be applied.

    3. Change the tabs on the highlighted lines so there are just TWO: the left align for the person's name, and then the right-aligned tab at (or nearly at) the end of the line where the right end of person's position or title gets lined up. On the tab menu, you'll see they option for a dot leader. Select it.

    NOTE: if the person's name is flush to the left margin -not inset by a tab- then you'll just set up the single right-aligned tab.

    4. Turn highlighting OFF (just click the mouse somewhere).

    5.a (name is inset by a left tab) To line up the text, put the cursor in front of the first person, then press tab. Name and position will move to that tab. Now put the cursor just to the left of the position, and press tab again -material will align at the end, flush right, and a row of dots should fill the gap between name and position.

    5. b (name is flush to left margin). Put the cursor just to the left of the position, and press tab -material will align at the end, flush right, and a row of dots should fill the gap between name and position.

    GOTCHA: if your general style includes an automatic indent at the beginning of each paragraph, this can make the apperance look strange. For these lines, there should be NO indent.

    GOTCHA AGAIN: Each line should be treated as a paragraph; that is, there is a return after each line.

    LAST RESORT: Send me the raw text and I'll whip up your program for you. Use Answers email to advise.

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    5 years ago

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