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i ant to get a acting career with disney right now but i don't know how to.?

please answer. i'm only 11 and i want to be in a tv show like hanna montana and the suite life of zack and cody

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    Joey Paul Jensen casts for Disney; I've auditioned for her on several occasions. I do so from my acting school. The best way to "break in" to the business is with these methods:

    1. Get into an acting school to cultivate your talent and nuture your skills.

    2. Join your local theater or get into drama classes at your school.

    3. Get professional headshots and a resume, send them to every agency you find.

    4. Post your headshots and resume online at .

    5. Sign up for and visit for new auditions.

    6. Memorize a monologue and use it to audition.

    7. Remember your goal, don't let anyone bring you down and work hard!

    Good luck! (Hope to see you on set!)

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    Quattro is only partially correct. You need support. But you don't get on Disney TV be going to FL. You have to understand that there are literally tens of thousands of youngsters just like you who want to get on hanna montana.

    All you can do is start acting in everything that is available to you. The vast majority of young kids on tv and in the movies are related to famous people or wealthy people or have pushy parents who have sought out all possible opportunities for their kids.

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    You have to have people that are willing to help you break into show business. If your parents are not willing to help you by way of giving you permission, taking you to auditions, financial help, then there is nothing you can do. The best solution for you is to wait until you are of age and go to Florida or California to Disney Land or World and try to break in there.

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    Well,if your willing to travel and go to different places around the world to audition,the go to

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