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who would be the best lap by lap commentators to have on TV,, mrn radio does the best job?

Bill Weber DW Larry Mack Reynolds Rusty wallace and dale jarrett all suck, people go to school to study braodcasting why do the hire has been crew cheifs and drivers and ex basketball players to to do a race i love nascar but it only proves that to a commentator on nascar you can be a redneck

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    WOW!! I hope yo got to watch some of the race in your fit of anger.

    Radio is better for several reasons but your the expert I don't have to tell you.

    Hands down the best guy for the head job would be Eli Gold. He did a bunch of races back in the day for TNN. Still does some MRN radio stuff.

    Next pick would be Dr.Jerry Punch. Along with Bob Jenkins.

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    Michael Waltrip, Kyle Petty, and Rusty Wallace on ESPN

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    I like the mouth, Darrell Waltrip, I cannot help it, but I love when he starts the race "Boogity, Boogity, boys lets go racing".

    But here is a list of my fav's:

    Larry McRaynolds

    Jeff Hammond

    Wally Dallenbach (I know, I know)

    Marty Snider

    Matt Yocum.

    Any one of them, but the ones they have on ESPN, I just don't know or don't like (Rusty Wallace). They need to get better talent in there.

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    They hire ex drivers to help commentate because they have been there and done that. It is called color commentating. You hire the college trained broadcaster to be the host and run the show but if you don't have experts in the booth who you going to listen to tell us about what really happens on the track. Suzie Kolber!

    Now why Brad Daugherty is in the booth I have no clue. Maybe because he is an owner?

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  • I say BP cant be beat.. but after that DW just makes me laugh.

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    i like mcreynolds and darrell waltrip and the other one cant remember his name.they are so funny .oh yeah dont forget elliott sadler hes good to.its jeff hamon sorry i just remembered his

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    I think fox sports is great! not that nasty trash form TNT and ESPN.

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