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what is my chance of going bald?

my maternal grandpa was noticably bald. he didn't have it where he had to shave his head, but you could tell. My maternal grandma has an adverage amount of hair. my aunt(mom's side) has kind of thin hair, but still pretty adverage for women. My mom has really thick, And I have always been told that I have really thick hair., and that I probably won't go bald. But I reach into my hair today and a bunch of stains fell out. I know it's really nothing to worry about, because people lose hundreds of hairs everyday, but I'm scared as ****.


rotf, haha, of coarse the first answers point out to me some things I do. Most of the time I load up on shampoo and I usially scald myself in the shower.

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    Oh my gosh, these are all old wives tales and myths lol...Shampoo does not make you go bald, hot water does not make you go bald, wearing a hat does not make you go bald, and worrying about going bald does not make you go bald! (However stress might SLIGHTLY accelerate the process for those already genetically predisposed to go bald anyway.) DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) makes you go bald, or at least male patterned baldness. Putting acid and/or lye or something in your hair will make you go bald, but unless you cause severe permanent damage to the follicles and scalp (such as scarring or third degree burns), it will grow back.

    Male patterned baldness is NOT exclusively related to your maternal grandparent. It is genetics of course, but it is not exclusively correlated with your maternal grandpa. It was previously believed that the balding gene is specifically on the X chromosome, suggesting that you DO only get it from your mother's side. However new research suggests that the gene is autosomal dominant in males and autosomal recessive in females. Meaning, it is on the 1-22nd chromosomes, not the 23rd gender (X and Y) chromosomes. It also means that in order for males to go bald, they need just one balding gene and one corresponding non-balding gene. Women would need to have TWO balding genes in order to go bald. So like most other genes, it can come from either mom or dad. Just like eye color, hair color, etc, baldness is no different. The only way for males to not go bald is if you have both non-balding genes. Your father could have both those genes hence, having a full head of hair, but your mom DOES have one balding gene, still with a full head of hair , and passes it to you, leaving you bald. And contrary, if your father does have one balding gene, and maybe even your mother has one balding gene, you could still get lucky and get passed the non-balding genes from each.

    If your grandfather has a full head of hair, that doesn't necessarily mean that your mother doesn't have the balding gene. She could easily get one from HER mother. And if she only has one, you would never know it.

    So basically, the only way it is solely reliant on your mother, is if your father is not bald. If he is not bald, he doesn't have the gene, so therefore it is impossible for him to pass it on. And of course, if you don't go bald, you don't have the gene and can be sure you will never be responsible for having any children that go bald. If they go bald, you can completely blame it on your wife/baby mama!

    If you are losing your hair in strands say, in the shower or something, you are probably fine. It is true that you lose about 100 strands a day. Well when you shower, all the movement, water and pulling just jogs all the ones that were hanging on by their last thread anyway. Or there could be ones that had already fallen out but hadn't fallen OFF of your head that get washed out. So it SEEMS like you are losing more hair than normal, but you are not. The longer the hair, the worse it appears too because it seems more prevalent. This is where people get the misconception that showering and shampoo cause baldness.

    Now if it is falling out in CLUMPS, then there may be a problem...

    The only thing I am unsure of, is if having thick hair necessarily means you won't go bald. The gene linked to hair thickness may not even have anything to do with whether it falls out or not. It does get thinner as in the space between the strands, and the actual circumference of the strand when you start balding or right before, so if you still have pretty consistently thick hair, then you are probably good...for now! :) My mom always tells me "you have my thick hair (my dad has always had thin hair and is now balding), you will never go bald!" as well...Which is true, my hair will stand on end in a huge fro for up to 3 inches before it finally starts to fall. I've even broken some barbers' clippers because of it, and they told me the same thing. But who knows if it will stay that way.

    So does anyone know anything about that? If you were born with really thick hair, does that have any baring or reflect in any way whether or not you will lose your hair in the future???

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    Being bald is amazingly the "in" element in adult men's hairstyles in recent times. in case you have some hair, it is quite helpful to contemplate going completely bald (shave off what's left) as that has a tendency to look greater ideal than clinging to the few strands left. Your loss of hair shouldn't harm your possibilities. A virgin bride would be greater of a undertaking, yet whilst that's what you want...good success. There are some obtainable. i might think of very almost each and every thing else approximately somebody might take precedence over no count number if or not they have had sexual journey re: their suitablilty as an substantial different. be sure you're being reasonable on your standards.

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    Hair loss affects both men and women. Here are some natural remedies that can help boost hair growth:

    While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including: hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation.

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    If you use too much of fancy shampoos especially your hair will fall quickly.

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    If I were you I won't pull my hair out worrying about such a trivial thing as this.

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    sometimes its hereditary, or too much hot water in shower, better use cold water.. ask the doctor for vitamins..

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