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How to remotly put out a candle?

I'm working on a project right now, and need to come up with a way to put out a candle, using a remote control.

Initially I thought a small fan may work, but it might be too noisy.

The method can not be noisy, and it must be hidden, or even concealed in the candle itself!

Thanks to everyone who helps!

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    a long stick with a metal cup attatched to the end

    or a mechanical set up from the ceiling

    a lowered metal cup on a chain

    a shotgun[too noisy]

    a rc helicopter[small indoor one]

    a rc spill water tank [too random]

    a rc air pump with tube and attatchments

    a bomb

    call fire service to put out a small fire

    electric candle set on a timer plug

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    This is gonna be complicated, but if you have the time and money and skills, it might work:

    Make yourself a fake candle out of plaster or something non-flammable, and enclose a fake wick in it. The fake wick should be a very thin metal tube, going straight through the fake candle and out its bottom. What you want to do is create a thing that looks like a candle, but derives its flame from a source other than wax, that you can turn off.

    Next, somehow attach one of those butane lighters to the bottom of the candle (probably it would be easier to use a grill lighter - it has a long tube and would be easier to attach to your fake candle. Actually, I've a better idea - go to Radio Shack and pick up either a butane soldering iron or one of their butane torches. These come with attachments that screw on to the butane, and you can modify the attachment to plug into the bottom of your fake candle). Finally, you would have to rig some kind of remote control to the lighter or torch.

    Another way to get a flame might be to get a small container that you can use as an oil reservoir, and get a candle wick string (maybe at a craft store, that you can make your own candles with). Thread the string from the reservoir, through the candle bottom, up through the little tube, and make it just stick out the top. If you light this, the wick will burn the oil from the reservoir, and it will look like a candle flame. To put it out, rig the oil reservoir on a hidden platform under the candle, and make it so you can remotely drop the platform a few inches. When it drops, the wick is pulled down into the candle's tube, and the flame is snuffed out.

    Source(s): I haven't tried this, and this is playing with fire, kids. Experiment outside, with good ventilation, protective gear, fire extinguishers, and paramedics handy. At least have a buddy nearby who can call for help if need be.
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    1 - blow it out yourself (he-he)

    2 - for your average size candle - get a small little crane with a levy that will placed over the candle from a great height enough to the point where its not warm when its over the top of the candle. make sure that the tip of it has an attachment of a cylinder cup that is made of metal or steel inside it contains a soaked and damp cloth enough to the point where it won't drip onto the candle. now for the fun part, for the pulley system to work on the crane, use some string which is attached to the cup and the other end to a click button that moves slowly when its clicked from its turning clog-like wheel or you could just use your hand to pull the string up and down and then once the tip of the cup goes down on to the lit candle it will go out, when this is done you then pull back the string to the height mentioned and then place the piece of string wounded around a piece of the crane that sticks out as a handle.

    this should definitely work, good luck. aussie chick signing off.

    Source(s): my idea
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    ...a nice "water-pistol" will do just fine.....

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