Has anyone met a celebrity and have a story to tell? Were they nice, jerks, any funny antecdotes?

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  • Greer
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    1 decade ago
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    I have met a lot of celebrities, but to many to name, so I will name the ones that stand out.

    Dean Stockwell = Nice but stern

    Michael Damian = I had dinner with him. He is very nice, generous, and a big flirt.

    Jennifer Beals = She is very kind.

    Bernie Mac = I worked with Bernie. He is very, very nice. He is extremely funny, and very personable.

    Dedra Hall = Very rude, B****y.

    Jason Cook = The nicest, most humble actor I've met.

    Eric Estrada = Very friendly

    Dwight Yokum = nice, but standoffish.

    Hugh Laurie = Extremely humble!!!!!!! Really Nice Man.

    Donald Sutherland = Very Spiritual, So Kind, LOVELY, LOVELY MAN!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony Hopkins = Very intelligent, but getting senile.

    I feel like I am writing a book, so that's all for now........

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  • Evaの
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    1 decade ago

    Ryan Secreast. I actually met him in a coffee shop at 3 am in Manhanttan and we talked. I asked him why is he in a industry where u exploit som uch celebs? They need their privacy, u know. He said that it's pretty much what celebs EXPECTED. they knew they were gonna have lives like this and he's just a messenger. I still felt skeptical about it, but he was a real nice guy. he really IS short. My dad also grew up in Puerto RIco with a friend of his, who is now in the MLB for the Atlanta Braves.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've met Alicia Keys before.She's so cool,calm,and down to earth.She loves loves loves to laugh and talk all the time!! It was a really nice experience to meet her.

    I've also met Antonio Banderas.All I can say is...damn!!! That man is even sexier in person.And that accent!!!He would have to be my all time favorite!! When I shook his hand and he said my name....I never wanted to let go...but I had to hurry up and go back inside.I knew that I'd get fired if my boss caught me googling over one of his clients!!!Damn!!....

  • JN
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    1 decade ago

    John Salley is a jerk.

    I ran into him at an African Heritage fest in Los Angeles, said wassup, congratulated him on his work, and all he did was grunt and gave me a weak-assed handshake. It wasn't like I was askin' for a damn autograph. JERK!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I met chammilionaire and he said i was very nice and talked to him and he kept on doing shoots i mean stupid shoots. And then it was somebody Else's turn to get an autograph

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