What does Jihad means can any one tell me the true meaning of Jihad ?

What is Jihad's true meaning ....


For those who say Holy war they are wrong ... Jihad is with ones ownself too meaning Preventing from doing sin and avoiding temptation of any kind

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    The Holy Messenger, after returning from a war, told his companions that they have returned from the Lesser Jihad to the Greater Jihad.

    The companions asked what's a Jihad Greater than this, and Muhammad pbuh said fighting against one's ego and bad desires.

    The Lesser Jihad in the way of fighting (which by the way is bound by many rules and laws to prevent abuse) can only be annouced by an elected leader of the Muslims like the Caliphs of the past. As mentioned, many laws in the Syariah exist before even the Caliph can announced the Lesser Jihad as this is a public matter which involves the Muslim masses.

    Hence both Sunni and Shiites Muslims are waiting for the next leader Imam Mahdi who will be the next Caliph authorised with Divine Might and Power, to declare the necessary war against whatever evil powers like Dajjal Anti-Christ.

    The Greater Jihad is personal, and is necessary on all Muslims-- fighting against one's vain desires, selfishness, anger, malice, hate, revenge, pride, arrogance... the list goes on the Sufi masters has indentified all the diseases and its cures.

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    Oh My God, dont listen to everyone who says Holy War, I beg you. It comes from the Arabic dirivitive meaning "to struggle".

    Struggle for what?

    When you are hanging out with your friends at a club, and you arent downing liquor (prohibited by Islam), or trying to get in bed with some girl you have no intrest in at all (again), or trying to do well in school, or keeping your faith even though people are giving you a hard time for it. All those things are just a FEW examples of the stuggle, Jihad, that I'm talking about.

    Holy War is an extremist definiton, and unfortunately most Muslims don't even know the proper definition. Yes, we're supposed to defend our faith by all means, but its not like "Hey I dont like Americans so I'm gonna go blow something up". That is SUICIDE and is 110% against Islam. In fact, the view on life that Islam provides is this: Losing one life is like losing the life of all humanity. Whoever you see blowing things up, killing people, harming people or whatever is going to the worst parts of hell.

    I cant thank you enough for asking.


    Abel, in regards to your your answer, please dont cut and paste quotes. The same goes for any Muslim guy out there. There are certain quotes that you need to be reading through to understand. Like certain suras will say something, but use it to illustrate a point a bit later. Again though, I'm no scholar, but please check out someone who is when you reference. Zakir Naik is a good one. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

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    Islam in Arabic does not mean peace but submission. If Muslims say they are a religion of peace let them explain the following.

    In Sura 2:216, Allah, their God, is supposed to have said this to Muslims: "Fighting is prescribed upon you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing, which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth and ye know not."

    Here we see some reluctance on the part of Muslims to fight; but Allah tells them, "I know what is good for you."

    There are many Suras in the Quran, which prove beyond doubt that Islam is a religion of violence. Islamic Fundamentalists have used these teachings to justify their actions. Jihad is not a one-time event. It is a continuing operation until the entire world is converted to Islam.

    "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, … nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book [Jews and Christians]" (Sura 9:29). Anyone who thinks we can achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East needs to have his head examined.

    Muslims say that these Suras apply only during the time of Muhammad. But the Quran does not explicitly or implicitly say that. In fact, Islam divides the world into two houses: The House of Islam and the House of War. The goal of Islam is to dominate the world and Muslims believe they are justified in using violence to achieve this goal.

    Of course, there are many Muslims who do not subscribe to the literal interpretation of the Quran. I have known many Muslims and I know the majority of Muslims just want peace and the well being of their families.

    What Islam needs right now is a reform movement. There are many traditions and teachings of Islam, which are no longer relevant today. Women's rights and religious intolerance are just two, which come to mind.

    Unfortunately, Christians are also guilty of sins against Muslims: prejudice, racism and fear. We are often separated from our Muslim friends because of them.

    Fundamentalism on both sides is the cause of all religious wars and conflicts. Fundamentalism is defined as “the practice of asserting the absolute truth of your own beliefs and practices to the deliberate exclusion of the possibility of truth in the beliefs and practices of others.” Based on this definition, one can conclude that Fundamentalism is nothing but bigotry and religious intolerance. Fundamentalism, of whatever shape or form, is a deadly poison in human relations – resulting in rancor, strife -- and in the extreme -- hatred, violence and genocide.

    Peace and blessings!

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    jihad means holy war

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    It means inner struggle--such as a Muslim's inner struggle to lead a good life

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    All types of sacrifices for the religion. Including, sacrifice time, money, health and wealth.

    (not blast own self- suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam)


  • Constant struggle to preserve one's faith and defend the rights to freedom of worship.

    Source(s): If you wish to learn more here: http://islam.about.com/od/jihad/f/jihad.htm
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    Holy War

    (All war is Unholy)

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    What I think it really means - Go out and kill those that don't think like us and don't share our manufactured ideology in a mythological being so that our mythology will be the one true mythology.

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    a holy war

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