Who says Illegals Illegal immigrants not draining us will this change your minds?

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Being a P.K. (preacher's kid) I feel I have an obligation to answer Rev. Robinson's guest opinion, "The Immoral Minority: Anti-immigrants in America," July 24. What don't you understand about "illegal"? You obviously haven't read and understood the economic drain on the taxpayer these illegals are causing.

Let's suppose, for example, your entire congregation were illegals. Further, let's imagine that when the offering plate were passed each one took out more than they contributed. How long would your church continue to exist?

That's what is happening to this country we all love. Like the Roman Empire, it's dying. No, it's not just the illegals but also the moral degradation that you should be preaching against instead of defending someone you feel sorry for.

Before you label me a bigot and member of the immoral minority I will inform you that this bigot just came back from Haiti where I, and a few other medical bigots, treated several sick, black, and very poor brothers.

Immoral? I don't think so. Minority? The next election will tell.


St. James City

Moral majority

In response to Rev. Robinson's guest opinion, I would like to say that I for one am not anti-immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant. I believe that I am one of the Moral Majority (not Immoral Minority) as you put it. I am all for legal immigration, no matter who they may be.

My grandparents were immigrants. These immigrants came to this country legally. They learned English, studied hard and proudly received their citizenship. They got jobs, raised families and paid their own way. They were poor but too proud to ask for handouts. They did not expect Americans to learn their language. America became their country, not a place to collect money and send it back to their country.

These people should fear immigration and the police, as they are criminals who steal our identity, use false driver's licenses (if any) and false Social Security numbers. If I did these things, I would be in prison. I believe Rev. Robinson is part of the Immoral Minority.


Cape Coral

Foolish analogy

Rev. Robinson is "at it again." His great concern for "illegals" shows his flawed thinking for people who come to our country illegally and who for the most part don't care about our laws and our great nation. I am just as concerned about the misfortune of many people throughout the world, as is the good reverend. However, I do not condone anyone breaking our laws despite the circumstances they face.

It is a foolish analogy for Robinson to publically state it is "the difference between breaking the speed limit and stealing a car. Stealing a car is a crime, but driving a car too fast is a civil violation." If you follow Robinson's thinking it would be OK to rob a store or a bank because I or my family are hungry and poor. Our laws must be followed and not disregarded.

The majority of Americans care about people and their problems. Possibly the reverend should do something that he is good at if he really cares about people.

He should use his voice and efforts at attempting to reach the governments in Central and South America, and Mexico. He should encourage all the nations to help their citizens to solve their problems at home, making for a better life at home, without so many "forced to flee."

Stirring up "us locals" is not the answer. There are many injustices in our world. Please remember we have too many U.S. citizens living with numerous problems, both emotional and financial. For those who want to make a difference there is always the Peace Corps, which is looking for caring volunteers.


Fort Myers

Robinson ranting

He's back. The Rev. Robinson with more of his hate-speech, claiming America stole Texas from Mexico by force in 1849, along with such inane hyperbole of accusing us — or those who don't agree with him — of demeaning "undocumented" workers, imprisoning them, and herding them like cattle.

The reverend states not having appropriate immigration papers is only a civil matter, not a felony crime. What part of illegal don't you understand, reverend?

He drones on with, "If they're hurt, they have the right to go to the E.R. and be treated without Immigration being called." Of course, the reverend doesn't mention that "us" bad people will pay the bill, in excessive costs passed on to "us" by the hospitals when we are admitted. We're over-billed to compensate for the reverend's poor undocumented workers getting their treatment free!

Nobody's spared, in his rant-ing, including law enforcement, which he says doesn't have the right to enter homes without a warrant, nor should the police try to scare these "undocumented" people into giving personal data! What gall!

I thank God for our police that, against all odds, are trying to break up the grow-houses, and the abuse of children in some of these houses that have 15 or more people living there — which is also against the law.

Call me silly, but my parents taught me to always obey the laws of my God and country. I guess the reverend has a different set of values.

I have a suggestion for him. Instead of blaming our government for "not spending billions on helping these people" do the Christian thing yourself by teaching them to fight in their homeland (your word not mine!) for better living conditions and wages.

(You sure like to scold and lecture "us" in a way that, in my humble opinion, is NOT very Christian, Reverend.)


North Fort Myers

Cubans not illegal

Foreign nationals have been complaining that the United States gives "unfair" preferential treatment to the Cuban immigrants coming by boat, frequently landing in my home town of Sanibel.

Can the complainers explain how we can be either "fair" or "unfair" to those who have absolutely no right to be here in the first place and to whom we do not owe any privilege to reside here? The Cubans are entitled to be here by law. The law which allows them to remain here if they reach land was enacted to accommodate special and peculiar circumstances which relate to Cuban nationals and only Cuban nationals.

We are still a sovereign nation, with every right in the world to enact laws and adopt practices, which are judged by Congress to be in our national interest. What is there about the word "illegal," as in "illegal immigrants," which some people don't understand? So long as our law permits Cubans to reside here they are not illegal, and we have no obligation whatever to those who are.



Embargo useless

Welcome to the 21st century. We've been advocating the end of the Cuban embargo for years because the perceived threat that may have existed in the past is now just a toothless old dictator, who, as the former bully in the schoolyard, doesn't even have a schoolyard anymore.

We deal with the Chinese on a daily basis (a communist dictatorship, by the way) and even gave them favored trade status some years ago, but still we boycott Castro and, by extension, the very same poor people that our elected officials are saying are repressed by the Castro regime.

Our patronization of the Cuban voting bloc is simply pathetic and shows how the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Such a minuscule percentage of the voters in this country, but they make enough noise so that the politicians, pandering for votes, will keep in place an embargo that never was effective to begin with.

Then we have the wet foot-dry foot fiasco, oops, law. Let's encourage people to leave Cuban repression and poverty by crossing the Florida Strait on a raft. If you get to land, bingo, you're a U.S. citizen, but if you get stopped at sea, bam, you get sent back so you can try again.

Boy, I couldn't see the problem with that law until it occurred!

Illegal immigration immediately jumps to mind since these people are also being rewarded by this country for paying thousands of dollars to be smuggled illegally into this country or entering illegally on their own at great peril.

The Mexican government, which does virtually nothing to stem the exodus from their country, decries efforts on the part of this country to shore up its southern border with fences, cameras, agents or whatever other action we deem to take. Too bad! This is still, for the time being, the United States of America and it is the obligation and the sworn duty of our politicians to uphold the laws that protect the borders of this country.

If you are going to follow the advice of The News-Press editorial ("End special allowances for Cubans," July 25) and contact the politicians on the Cuban issue, remind them illegal immigration is still a huge issue that they can't seem to get a grip on and needs to dealt with. Urge them to do the right thing and enforce the existing laws that pertain to illegal immigration. There's no reason to pass new laws if the ones on the books are not enforced.


Cape Coral

Illegals not welcome

I have a news flash for you, Reverend Robinson! Undocumented workers are criminals. They knowingly broke our laws to enter this country. Your reasoning is that they have done this to keep from starving. If someone is hungry and robs a food store, are they any less guilty of a crime?

Also, you present the argument that undocumented workers are "residents" of this country. I have to take offense to this as well. If someone breaks into your home, does that make them a resident of your house?

You quoted Scripture by saying, "We should care for immigrants among us." I believe that Jesus also told the Romans to pay their taxes and obey their government. Neither of which undocumented workers do.

Personally, I have no problem with immigration. If a person wants to go through the proper channels to come to this country, and assimilate to our culture, they are more than welcome to a better life here. I think that the majority of Americans feel the exact same way.

Update 2:

iam_sohappi please try to find easier question,this one went way over your head, Huh ?

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    Anyone who is capable of reading should have understood your question. The pros live their lives by taking on other people's problems, perhaps it's time to take a long hard look at their own. Maybe it's too frightening for them to face logic and understand what national destruction really means.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They wont change their minds unless it effects them,I really think they'd rather die than seem politically incorrect. Maybe once they lose a loved one,a job or their identity to theft by illegals,they'll open their eyes. What a shame it will take that to wake them up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you forgot your link.

    But it's ok, nothing on here will change anyones minds.

    The Pro's are full of S**T and the Anti's are trying to save their country.

    Eloy: never was a used car salesman, never even wanted to be. I am just one of many who have woken up to realize our country is in danger from illegals and corupt politians.

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    Look at your property taxes going through the roof to pay for illegals' kids in public schools. That's a huge burden that cheap lettuce doesn't begin to make up for.

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    1 decade ago

    What is your question? I do not read what a person is not capable of writing , if you are going to ask a question, Then just ask it. in your own words?

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    We dont need people here that we didnt invite, if they were worthy of being here, we wouldnt be having this discussion right now!

  • 1 decade ago

    OF course they are draining us.....to the tune of $70 billion annually.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am just glad we have antis like US Citizens First . We are saved now. LOL .What a joke. He sounds like a used car saleman.

  • 1 decade ago

    ****** NOTE ********

    Hey, Alberto's Parents - next time try and post your link so we know what you are talking about. We may be Americans, but we are not mind readers.

    Thanks for showing your ignorance to everyone by being a JERK!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nothing you could say will ever change my mind. I would rather eat dirt.

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