How do I go about getting a national criminal history check from the U.S. while I'm here in Brazil?

I have recently married a brazilian woman and would like to acquire a permanent visa which would allow me to earn money here in Brazil until she can get here green card and we can move to the U.S.

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    County Criminal Record Search - Criminal record check conducted by on-site researchers performing a "Hand Search" of the public criminal records available in the Court's Index and Dockets. (more)

    # Statewide Criminal Histories are obtained from the State Police or the Administrative Office of Courts in each available state. If your applicant has a criminal history, Multi-State Criminal Index Search - Data includes court, probation and corrections records from across the U. S. and is the most comprehensive criminal search available without submitting fingerprints to the F.B.I.#

    Department of Corrections Criminal History Searches consist of Inmate Records from the Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections of specific states. (more )

    Federal District Court Criminal Records Search is a criminal record check conducted in the United States Federal District Courts. Defendants in these cases have been prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for a violation of the U.S. Criminal Code. (more)

    Sexual Offender / Sexual Predator Search is a search of state-specific public criminal records databases for individuals required to register as a Sexual Offender or Sexual Predator. (more)

    you may want to contact your local police

    and ask for it

    look to see if your city has a web page? or write to them; i do not know for sure if the embassy would do that for you ? but i will put the embassy's address in case ?

    here is the home page of US in Brazil

    Criminal histories are maintained by law enforcement agencies on all levels of government. Local police departments, sheriff's offices, and specialty police agencies may maintain their own internal databases. On the state level, state police, troopers, highway patrol, correctional agencies, and other law enforcement

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    Criminal Records Search Database :

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    Tell your potential employer you have no crimal record in the United States.

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