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DO these work or are they just a rip off?

I bought the july issue of Tips & Tricks and in the xbox 360 cheat section there is a small with the get your free xbox 360, now obviously some of these are rip offs, but i thought maybe if it is being advertised in magazines there is a chance that it might actually work, Does this work, and if i do it, will my identidy be stolen, I just don't want amillion emails a day, or my identidy taken. And if it does work, what are the steps, and how long does it take for the system to get to me.

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    1 decade ago
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    i subscribe to tips & tricks its true BUT their compitations and your chances r almost the same as winning the lottery these r steps how to get free items including a 360 most r free but if u need to buy something it will be 1 item around $10 and you can get online gift cards at places like walmart 7/11 circut city bust buy etc to do it

    step 1 use exact link as shown below, this automaticaly helps me get one to

    step 2 buy a small $10 offer some are free

    step 3 get any people in the us or canada to do step 1 and 2 useing the link on your account page. the amount of people needed will be shown in the progress page of your account ive seen from 2 to 14 "the ones below are mine to help me get a prize by refering people to the site but u can still get a prize even if you were refered so please use links below"

    step 4 claim your prize in the mail after only spending a few dollars if any

    if you like to buy online please view the buying choices and if you decide to make an account use a link below please, it will help me get one of the prizes. email me if any questions i didnt start this so i dont have all the answers.

    you may sign up for every site if you wish. the item you want will only cost around $10 unless u get a free or expensive offer again my email thank you

  • some of these do work, but i know there's TONS of bad apples among the group. the business model makes sense so they don't have to rip you off to make a profit, but some i guess find it too tempting... basically any site that you see advertised, or claims you "won" one, is a ripoff. the legit sites have a very small profit margin, but the ripoff sites would have to make millions to afford myspace advertising and all the other they do.

    a legit site works like this: you join the site and then choose from a list of "offers" to try. these are things like free trials of blockbuster online, or just all different things, but most are free trials. depending on what type o site it is, you either complete X amount of offers, or you refer X amount of people to also sign up and do an offer or two. even on a do-it-yourself site you might spend like, $30 on offers. so not 100% free, but a very small amount.

    when you sign up to try these services, the company (meaning blockbuster, or whoever) pays the "free stuff" site for getting you to try them. what the ripoff sites do is instead of freely letting you select from offers to do, they put a handful of em on three or four pages, and say "complete 2 offers on each page". then right before you have earned your freebie, on the last page, they limit your choices to crap like car loans or other insanely expensive junk, so that you can't finish. don't sign up for any site that doens't let you see and choose from all of the available offers.

    i did one of these sites a few weeks ago (called Somethin4Nothin) and did get a free ipod. i did a do-it-your site (called a Points site), not a "refer X people" site. i tracked my progress in a blog here:

  • 1 decade ago

    The only website I know about where they say you can get a free Xbox 360 is (go figure), and usually what this site does and what others do is make you sign up for something, and then get 10 other people to sign up, and you get the console.

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