Ariel Sharon and George Bush started World War 3?

The world is polarizing very quickly in realtime. Right now the west is grasping the short straw believing racism and intimidation will maintain their wealth grab. In the past few years we have seen an arrogance that has thrown the world into chaos. Ariel sharon is elected after causing an uproar with a visit to the dome mosque. This was a mandate by the israeli people to make it clear that palestine would never be free. The United States allows W. Bush to go to the white house without being elected. This was a direct assault on most of the world. One by there have been elections and counter-elections to create a global rift. Venezuela, Chile and also spain after the madrid attack. Right wing, with mexico, canada and now france. Add to that ahmadinejad and hamas et plus the old standbys cuba and Nkorea. Not to mention Africa, most of asia and all the americas and europe but these few showcase my point. The UK, India, Pakistan are on the fence, plus china sudan and Russia.


This all means that there is much more reason to be afraid than terror alerts. Through knee jerk repression, we are offering western enemies validation. There are a billion muslims- how many prisons do 780 million whites intend to build. If there is a major coalition planning a real attack on the u.s. who is here to protect it- Australia and the u.s. are sticking to arrogant racist crackdown talk and now being joined by france. How do you 'crackdown" on people using suicide to fight 4 freedom- The solution is to give rights to those who want them, not be seen reverting back to steal and raze colonialism and that should thin the numbers down to hardliners. Right now, we have taken a band of radicals and created a worldwide massive force that isn't going to be pushed around. You can keep pretending that human rights are something that white countries dole out as they see fit but unfortunately this time no one is asking what you think. It's time to act equal or lose it all.

Update 2:

The answers listed are exactly the problem. I would expect anyone answering the question to realize they are being offered additional perspective. I already know your news is filtered, I already know you only read news to confirm what you have already been taught. I have the yahoo frontpage, I have cnn and fox I already know your talking points. These talking points and this mass group-think is why its only now becoming clear to SOME that there were no WMDS, or that we wouldn't be liberators. I am not out of touch, I am simply doing what I did several years ago before this mess, which is giving you the true conclusion 5-10 yrs before you are told by your trusted sources that you are being hoodwinked. The arrogant perspective is that you are never wrong even after it is proven. When was the last time bin laden asked for talks- Don't worry about negotiating with terrorist, they don't want to bring themselves down to your level. Form your opinion, after hearing more sides 1st

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    Last I heard Ariel Sharon was in a coma, so he's probably out of it. However, there's a chorus of his coherts, the neocons who designed the Iraq war which is such a disaster, that have been urging us to attack Iran. You could say that the Israeli assault on Lebanon was a skirmish, in these neocon's minds. Last I heard, we had a few battleships near Iran. If we attack Iran, that will be the start of World War 3. I think this won't happen, as there are enough US generals who realize it would be a disaster times 10.

    At the time he went into his coma, Sharon had his hand in the murder of more innocent people than all the Islamic terrorists combined. Perhaps that's one of the reasons his visit to the dome mosque caused such an uproar. Besides, after Israel destroyed hundreds of mosques inside Israel, and coming on top of years of foreign occupation by a country intent on taking as much land as it could get with as many Palestinians forced out as it could get away with, poverty induced by military restrictions, land confiscations, suppression of political protest and apartheid, laying claim on behalf of Israel to another Islamic holy site was a last straw.

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    Does it not bother you that you've got most of your facts wrong, and shown yourself up to be incredibly ignorant...?

    Ariel Sharon has spent the better part of the past year recovering from a serious illness, so you're a tad out of touch on this angle.

    As for World War Three, well, there's this little thing called Islamic terrorism that you may just have heard of....

    I hope, for your sake, that you ask a more intelligent question next time.

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    It certainly looks like it. Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater By Dave Lindorff. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Eisenhower and its accompanying strike force of cruiser, destroyer and attack submarine slipped their moorings and headed off for the Persian Gulf region on Oct. 2, as I had predicted in a piece in The Nation magazine a few weeks back. The Eisenhower strike force, according to my sources, is scheduled to arrive in the vicinity of Iran around October 21, at the same time as a second flotilla of minesweepers and other ships.

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    I dont think we will have world war 3 for a while. USA doesnt want anymore wars we have our hands full right now.

    Bush, Cheney and the republicans thought Iraq would be an easy victory in and out, but were mistaken, that is all that happened.

    Other countries dont like us right now because we acted rashly and without other countries support. That is all that I can really see whats going on right now.

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    The NATO Jihad in 1999, which Ariel Sharon condemned, could have developed into WW3. As for G.W. Bullshit, though I think many bad thing of him, I don't think he started WW3.

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    If this were WWIII, you'd be eating chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips and sugar, not to mention the fact that gas prices would be 100 dollars a gallon.

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    I think you forgot the MUSLIMS. They have been bombing before Bush and Sharon. Just because these 2 men have more testicular fortitude then you do, does not make evil. It makes you weak.

    I am sorry our public education system has failed you. They have left you as ignorant as all the other liberals.

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    You need to get a life. It appears that you have way too much time on your hands.

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    live sharon out of it. bush is going down and trying to kill as many along the way as he can

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    I want what your smoking

    Because WW3 means


    And I'm still swilling my beer

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