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Im 16, and I sound REALLY REALLY YOUNG!!! Why? and Will I ever sound my age?

Im 16 1/2 years old! I've heard what i sound like on a tape recorder, and on my answering machine, I sound like im 8 to up to 12 years old! Why do I sound so young??? Plus I look way older than my age, I look like im 19 and Im 16. So I look older and I sound younger? What the heck is going on? HELP!

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    Well, I used to have this problem too, actually one time I called to order a pizza when I was like 15, and they actually told me, "put your mommy on the phone and stop playing with the phone." UGGGHHH. But at least you look older..I'm now 19, and most people think I'm like 15...suck. I figure your voice might mature more as you get older. But in the meantime, I found the best thing to do was get a good vocab! As long as you talk like you are mature, it shouldn't really matter that your voice sounds young.

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    Hey, don't worry about it. You will get over it eventually. I am 26 and sound like a 12 year old and when I was 15, I looked like I was 20. Now I have cops, who pull me over, ask if I am really my age. I get carded at every bar I go to.

    So, it is annoying now, but you'll get over it.

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    The older you get. Anything with you and the word young in it feels good!! LOL

    Don't worry. I used to smoke and I was carded until I was 25 years old. Eventually it was a complement!! :)

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    Don't worry. I'm 25 and I've been told I sound too young for my age. It gets to be a compliment as you get older. trust me.

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    I don't know if this is your situation, but oftentimes if a girl was sexually abused in her childhood, her voice will stay sounding very young.

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    no !you will not i am 41 and i sound live i am 20

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    you'll get used to it or grow out of it. just don't talk like you're 12.

    Source(s): my best friend sounds like she's 5 and she's 19.
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    just be happy u don't sound manly

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