DUKE University??????

Looking at colleges right now, and am trying to narrow it down to where I will apply. I need as much info as possible. Classes,dorms, food, intramurals, professors, friendliness, sports, traditions, anything is welcome!

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  • Ranto
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    1 decade ago
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    Duke is like an Ivy League school that has big time college sports. It is one of the few universities that I can recommend without reservation. It is certainly the best university in the South. In my opinion, it is one of the top five universities in the country.

    If you are good enough to ge tin, then think seriously about attending. If I were an undergraduate, the only schools I would consider over Duke are Harvard, Princeton, Penn and University of Chicago. Others might choose Stanford or Yale over Duke as well.

    Source(s): College professor -- got one of my graduate degrees at Duke.
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