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Prairie Home Companion (weekly Radio show) on DVD???

I listen to the PHC each week online, would love to take home to listen on DVD. Is this possible? Any ideas out there??

I have never figured out how to copy from Youtube...

Thank you!!


I am able to listen online at work, I do so on the phc site. Love it :) or I listen to the actual broadcast on npr online.

Our radios only pick up local stations, npr is shaky so I opt to liten to it online at work.

The problem I need help with is I would love to listen to this show while relaxing at home with my mate. Our only option (yeah its in the woods) is for the portable dvd, again, our radios don't pick it up, we have no electricity, tele and certainly no internet at home.

So - how may I download these radio shows to burn onto cd or dvd?

No podcast owner, here, either :)

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