Charter schools?

What are charter schools? What advantages and disadvantages do they have vs. regular public schools?

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    A charter school is a school run by a private group that gets its funding from the local school district. The school district must approve its operation in order for it to get funding. The school district does not provide the charters with a building, they must provide their own, which can be a benefit to the school board in a growing area.

    Some charter schools are set up for a specific purpose like magnet schools. Public school students still must apply to attend much like a private school. Charter schools, therefore, may not have as many behavioral problems as a regular public school.

    Many charter schools have smaller classes than a normal public school, which can be a plus. They may focus on one area, like the arts, technology, special education, etc.

    Some people believe that charter schools are better than public schools. From what I have seen in comparing the state test scores, they are no better nor worse than the public schools. If you are interested in attending a charter school, you need to do your homework to see if its curriculum focus is right for you and what test scores it has earned for the past several years and compare that to your current public school.

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    I sat on the board of trustees as a student & after I graduated.I was a member of the first graduating class of one.I was involved in the project that preceeded and helped develop the curriculum.

    Advantages and disadvantages are going to vary for each student.If your looking for a subject centered vocational oriented program - such as environmental science,animal science,community service,advanced sciences and maths, with the academics to support the student and succeed in post secondary education,then it is most definitely worth looking at as a possibility.If your looking at a Charter school as an "easy" way out of traditional schools - most will tell you that that is NOT an appropriate placement.Certainly,there are Charter Schools that are devoted to assisting AT RISK youth.

    Some say that the schools "take away" from the public schools budgets.If you do your homework and really look at the towns budgets- you will see that is not necessarily the case.

    Obviously, I found my experience positve,both as a student and on the adminstrative end.

    But Im sure that there are other experiences out there.

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    Charter schools are public institutions, supported by public funds.Charter schools are typically free to hire design curriculum, and promote specific values.

    Advantages of Charter Schools:

    1. They have the independence of using their own ways of teaching.

    2. They don’t have to follow government regulations – this is an advantage because they don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy of traditional schools.

    Disadvantages of Charter Schools

    1.They may have strict admission requirements that may discourage certain students from applying.

    2.They may have less-than-optimal facilities and resources. This is especially true for newly opened charter schools.

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    Well i go to a charter school. its called the Harriet Tubman Charter School. Its like a private school, but a little bit different.Its sorta hard to get in the school, u have to have good grades and good behavior to attend. Alot of parents these days want their kids to attend charter schools. I am going into 6th grade this year and it is going to be my first year in a charter school. oh yeah charters school are very very strict about their dress code. So u HAVE to wear uniform. It is just like a private school.

    Source(s): I go to a charter school.
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