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where can i make a BBQ in san diego (beach)?

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    Patricia's got a good idea when she says Mission Bay, but there are numerous beaches at Mission Bay, so you need to get a better location there. I'd recommend a small beach / park area on the NE side of Mission Bay where Clairemont Drive ends in a loop. There are 3 parking areas and a variety of facilities, including tennis courts.

    As far as I know you can bring a barbecue there. I don't recall if they have BBQ's already set up there.

    Another location you can consider is Shelter Island. Go down Rosecrans and when you get onto Shelter Island Drive go out to the "island". Then you turn right and head down to the area by the friendship bell for the sister city in Japan and the Police Dock. There are multiple areas where you can stop and do a BBQ as you watch the ships come in from the ocean. Again, I don't recall if you have to bring your own BBQ, but it's a beautiful view and lots of varied things to see.

    Source(s): Lived on Shelter Island about 11 years aboard a sailboat. Visited Mission Bay many times.
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    i think the best place to make a BBQ in SD is MISSION BAY

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    Crown point is good or feista island, both in mission bay.

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