Do you think Lindsay Lohan's career is over since she is an alcoholic and drug addict now?

I am extremely bored and saw that she was starring in " I Know Who Killed Me," and so it said how the movie got bad reviews and its mainly because there are fans that are ashamed of her now. I mean we can probably all agree Lindsay was better off acting when she was younger then now. Anyway, do you think her career is over??

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    1 decade ago
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    It's not over.


    If she keeps this up (drunk driving, partying, checking in and out of rehab, feeding herself drugs) she will only SPEED up the process of her career ending in pieces.

    She's going from bad to worse. To WORST.

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    no it wont be over but it should be we should send a message to these people that just becuase you are famous you cant get away with everything. it should be just the opposite they shou;d have to lead a more strict life.

    But we (movie goers) send the wrong message by going to the movies.

    Russle crowe throws phones at people heads becuase they dont do what he wants beats people up becuase they dont read his poem at an awards show. he should be out of work, we would if we did that, but people today will pass what they know id moraly right (not going to anything he is in) for a little bit of entertainment.

    If stars and athleates were punished this way and the companies/sports teams pocketbook was effected things would change

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    Yeah I think her career is near gone, she went for help in the past couple months and she hasn't changed, I have a feeling she won't change, she is wearing that alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet to a party then goes on a wild car chase after the girl who worked for her and then the police found cocaine on her, maybe if she gets jail time that would hopefully straighten her up or end up losing her career

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    well, seeing as all the attention shes getting, her career isnt near over. her career will only b over when people stop caring about what shes doing. same with people like Paris Hilton and stuff. people dont like her and dont want her to b famous and all, but the truth is WE r the ones making them famous and popular cuz we obsess over them when something happens to them, good or bad(usually bad). either way, if she stays a druggie, people will keep obsessing over her. if not, shell b known as the troubled young Linsay who survived a difficult time in her life and is now over it, and shell get more movie roles and stuff again.

    so i guess what im trying to say is no, i dont think her carerr is going to be over any time soon.

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    1 decade ago

    wow her career is going down lots of movie directors are replacing her for roles she was suppose to get in future movies. she is a druggie an alcoholic and car theif. you probably read she stole a guys SUV she bearily knew he gets out and she runs over his foot and speeds off with 2 of the guys friends sitting in the back she is drunk and has cocaine in her pocket they try to stop her but she yells if they touch her she'll sue, she goes 100mph and when she gets to her destination cops come and she claims the black guy drove. she in lots of trouble.

    drunk driving, drug possession, injuring person, running stop sign and red light causing a near collision, and blaming it on the black guy. i hear al sharpton.

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    I think the more important question is: Can she stop short of killing herself?

    I wish she had parents that acted like parents instead of BF's.

    The girl needs guidance and God in her life. She is never going to find what she thinks she wants until she finds God.

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    i think that she will have a hard time getting movie roles, but she might bounce back, but she might just be known as a former child actor who turned into a druggie, maybe become host of a lame reality show or be on infomercials

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    Probably. She will be on the surreal life and celebrity fit club one day. But for the most part her star has burnt out.

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    I think she may be the next anna nicole smith, it's very sad actually. She is the butt of everyones jokes now and it's only going to get worse.

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    Good!!! I hope she does crash and burn so does Paris and Britney. Nicole Richie is fine now since she "simmered" down a bit.

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