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How will these teams finish in the afc east?

How will teams in the afc east finish?

NE Patriots

Buffalo Bills

NY Jets

Miami Dolphins

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    The AFC East, 1. Patriots, this team not only gonna win this division, probably the super bowl also. Tom Brady and company should dominate whom ever they play. 2. NY Jets, they're improving just like Pennington, the jets only as good as Pennington can take them. 3 Buffalo Bills, they're young and hungry lead by JP Lopsman, he should lead them to a playoff berth this year, he's gonna be alot better than last year, should put up more TD's and more yardages. 4 Dolphins, wow this team is regressing from last year, i though they should have pick a franchise QB in Quinn but instead pick an injured Ted Guinn, and they wonder why they're s.u.c.k again this year. So that's my prediction.

  • Anonymous
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    1. New England Patriots (14-2)

    2. New York Jets (11-5)

    3. Miami Dolphins (5-11)

    4. Bills (4-12)

  • Jason
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    1. Pats

    2. Jets

    3. Bills

    4. Dolphins

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    New England

    New York Jets

    Buffalo Bills might be a surpise team this year the might pull a few upsets but i dont see them winning more than 7 games or maybe 8.

    Dolphins offense wont score any points and there Defense is aging.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 - Patriots

    2 - Jets

    3 - Dolphins

    4 - Bills

  • JimBob
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    Pats (12-4 at worst!)

    Jets (10-6ish) probably wild card team

    Dolphins (8-8) would be good season for them

    Bills (6-10) Lost McGahee and Clements two of their best players and still don't have a proven QB

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    1. Patriots-Super Bowl Champs

    2. NY Jets-Patriots division rival, but not on same level

    3. Miami Dolphins-Trent Green is gonna be better than people think

    4. Buffalo Bills-Still don't have reliable QB, lost McGahee

  • dCon
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    Jets (may have outside chance at title)



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    Jets or Dolphins

    bills (just cause of their weak offense and mainly eli manning)

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