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Why does my Siamese cat hate Children?

I have a Siamese cat who hisses then runs and hides when any child or any small person approaches him. He is about 2 years old.

My wife had a major surgery and we werent home for several weeks and had my father feed him. (He loves my father) When we returned he had a panic attack and would hide and trimble for days. When he finaly got over it he started displaying this behavior. When this happens if I try to go "rescue" him he will even hiss at me. He is now getting to the point were he wont run and hide imediately. He WILL stay around until they get too close.

He is VERY emotionally attached to me, follows me all around the house, cries when I leave sometimes, and always curls up in my lap and sleeps anytime I sit down.

He also sometimes sits on the back of the chair and licks my head.

We have another cat who is about 1 year old and they love each other. They have friendly play fights now and then but never hurt each other and very rarely make much noise while doing so.

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    your kids could of done some mean things to it. cats never forget things you know! if you rescued him (like from a shelter or rescue group) he might of had problems with kids in the past. i know a cat who only like guys because some women did something nasty to it previously b4 he was rescued. that could be it. just try to show him you love him and care.

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    Cats don't know how to handle grabbing kids or being stepped on by kids feet, so they do panic. Siamese also bond strongly with one person and their best cat buddy, so what else you've described is normal.

    Be patient with him, he's afraid and is trying to cope with things the best he can. He may need extra time together to feel that the routine is back to normal. Remember that you 'disappeared' for several weeks, he probably thought you were dead. Seeing you again was frightening because he'd adapted to your father being there for him now and you were suddenly a stranger coming in. But he recognized you again, it just took a bit of time.

    Siamese can be very smart, but they still think like a cat.

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    Cats don't usually like kids at all. Kids are unpredictable and can be scary. Maybe a child accidentally hurt him while you were away. A pulled ear or tail could give him reason to be afraid and the fact that you were not home to save him may have made him a bit paranoid. Siamese are high maintenance anyway, and the recent changes going on in his life are freaking him out. Have patience and he will get more like himself again. Just keep loving him and everything will be okay.

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    Cats often hate changes, and you have hit a particularly sensitive cat with a lot of changes in a short time. Fleeing from children and strangers is often normal if they are not used to people (strangers) around all the time. You were gone for several weeks, and were not there. And when your wife came back, she had lots of strange scents on her from her hospital stay (I hope everything is all right -- I care for more than just cats).

    But that he now doesn't run and hide immediately means perhaps he is about to make a change. But if you try and force it upon him, he reacts with hisses.

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    Cats are very independent. They don't "hate" anyone; however, many are reluctant to bond with children because most children do not know how to handle them. Children must be taught to respect the space of any animal, whether it is a cat, dog, pig, horse, cow, sheep, chicken, etc.

    The last cat I had was extremely abused before I adopted him. I placed his food and water under a chair covered with a blanket. He did not surface in my presence until after three weeks. I'm sure he came out when I went to bed, but I didn't see him. One night while I was watching television, he came out and jumped upon the couch where I was sitting. I didn't try to touch him. I just let him sit there. He eventually went back to his "home", but every night he would come out a little longer, until he finally came out in the daytime. We eventually became very close. When someone else came around, he would just leave.

    After a year, he would let my husband and grandchildren pick him up; but, they had to earn his trust.

    The first cat I ever had was a Siamese I named Baby. She was never a social cat; but, she did tolerate my children. I taught them to respect her space and her privacy. I was privileged to have Baby for 12 years. She died from cancer.

    Cats are special, and it takes a special person to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of a cat.

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    I am guessing you don't have children at home.

    Many Siamese, as well as other animals, are fearful when they are presented with people or animals they are not familiar with. Our Siamese will hide for hours when our small neices come over, and eventually sneak out to watch what everyone is up to, but never venture close. However, when any of our adult friends, even ones she has never met, visit she has no problem staying out and checking them out. We have had her since she was born, so we know she has never been traumatized. Her mother was the same way, but her father is very friendly.

    Ours is also very attached to my husband and social with other animals.

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    Maybe your children had done naughty things to it. Or maybe the cat has a bad experience with kids. Lemme site u an example. We had a small dog in India at my home. The poor thing was innocent so some unruly kids threw stones at it and it even stayed away from my 3 year old son who used to love the dog as hell! The dog used to like him also. You know these animals are very sensitive.

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    Siamese cats are unpredictable . Cats can sense who they like and who they don't like. I had a Siamese cat and she did not like my Neice,but she liked my older sister,my Nieces mother. My Siamese did not like my father at all and she ended up not likeing men at all. My cat liked to be around my mother. Siamese cats I find they end up getting attached to the person that cares for them,but watch how your cat may end up trying to protect you from other people. My Siamese cat was laying on the back of the couch and someone that I did not know showed up at the room I had been renting and this girl was skipping and walking in a circle and she went to approach the door and my cat heard her and she jumped over me without touching the coffee table and went flying over to the screen door which I had closed and not the glass door and she was hanging on the screen door and it scared the girl and she jumped back and my cat was hanging there and she was making a noise like she was growling and the girl was very scared of my cat. They can be very unpredictable and very distrusting around people that they don't like and the people that don't trust them. Your cat is getting very protective with you and that's the way they will get with the person that is the main care giver. My cat got that way with me and I felt protected with my cat around. Siamese cats are a one person cat. I hope this will help about your cat.

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    I have a siamese as well and yours sounds exactly like mine. Very emotionally attached. I think that in a way he feels threatened by children, some small dogs can't be around children either so I think it's like a territorial issue.

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    ive got a siamese ,she is nearly 2, ive got an 8 mth old baby and she loves her, when other kids or adults come in she is a bit nervous but after a few minutes will say hello, she is like my baby,whenever i sit down she gets on my knee or if im standin will jump on to my shoulder. if yours doesnt run away straight away,he might be gettin braver,tho mine has never hissed at me

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