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With our military so worn down by Bush's war, will Bush think twice about declaring martial law ?

It seems like we are one " Riechstag fire " away from having the Bush administration temporarily suspend the Constitution.

All the parts are in place - and with numerous actions, executive orders, the Patriot Act and the MCA of October 17 2006, its not going to be hard for Bush to set in motion a new police state. Anyone hear about a $385-million grant by the US Army Corps of Engineers to Halliburton subsidiary KBR Inc--of detention camps reportedly capable of confining as many as 400,000 people ?

Also the Pentagon has a document, dated June 1, 2007, classified Top Secret, stating there is a developing "insurgency" within the U.S. It lays out a martial law counterinsurgency campaign against legal dissent.


Candy, That is what our generals are saying. Look up Colin Powell sometime too for that matter.

Update 2:

Perry L: Yup. Sometimes one is just a voice crying in the wilderness. I totally agree about privitazed armies being used to supress Americans at home.

I tend to see Blackwater as somewhere between the SA and the SS. I.E., the president's praetorian guard. None of them are required to defend the Constitution.

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    His buddies at Blackwater USA have contracts with virtually every state and large American city to provide "emergency security" in case of a natural disaster or "terrorist" event. Blackwater USA "contracts" mercenaries from every corner of the world and claims to be able to raise a 150,000 man army within days. They are not the only "security" contractor or even the largest...just the most reported on. In case nobody was looking much of our "military" has been "privatized" since Bushitler took over.

    Also at this point in time most of the National Guard is back in country because of the outcry over Katrina and protests by state governors.

    Also our "police" forces have been militarized since the 1980's to provide "security" to the scared suburbanites being "terrorized" by the CIA supported "street gangs" (remember the crack epidemic of the 1980's).

    At any given time there are between 20,000 and 150,000 "foreign" fighters in the USA for "training" at the School of the Americas and 29 Palms.

    The next "Riechstag fire" will be a nuke taking out an American city (probably Baltimore) thus scaring the vast majority of the SHEEPLE into submission without force. They will only have to deal with those of us that still have the balls to stand up for ourselves. We now have an entire generation without any military experience or the will do do anything more than go to the mall and run up their credit card debt.

    Martial Law will be a "piece of cake" with the weenies that now occupy "the Land of the Free". (Read the answers from the SHEEP above)

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    UN forces are at the fema camps through out the country. The even have a world police patch. These people were chosen because they would have no problem firing on Americans.

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    You are so pathetically paranoid. Bush is NOT Adolph Hitler. America is NOT one day away from becoming a Fascist State. Martial Law is NOT going to be declared. Besides, I'm getting so filthy rich selling all these ridiculous conspiracy theories to nuts like you that I'll bribe as many Congressmen as it takes to keep YOU free.

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    Bushs' war I'm pretty sure congress and the UN supported the war and voted to go but I'm sure you don't care about the truth.

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    Whoops, you said Bush and think in the same sentence. I read that article and I really doubt that it could work if tried. To many folks out there that would be more than willing to shoot back.

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    how dare you assume that THE military are worn down.........who says so and where is you data to back that up and maybe the camps are for the final round up of the illegals that everyone keeps bleating about.


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    I keep hearing this martial law crap and I am not believing it.

    Just another radical rant. And no, I don't side with the conservatives.

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    I know that you subscribe to the theory that a lie told often enough without being rebuked will become truth but we will stand up and expose your ignorant conspiracy theories everytime we see them.

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    Yawn, your a political bore and a bona fide nutjob.

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    bush is a moron. do you think he will stop the war unless forced to?

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