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Is the legal system effective and impartial in Sudan?

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    Apparently the legal system is not just ONE system but many. It is not all for one and one for all. It is entirely based upon tribes and what is customary for the tribe in question. If that system works for them then so be it.

    B. The Judicial System

    Arbiters of disputes and administrators of formal and informal laws come in various forms throughout Sudan, depending on ethnic, religious and political factors. Judicial courts are provided for under both statute and customary law while informal community practices also rely upon local chiefs, known as Sultans, to resolve disputes between community members. Indeed, "(t)he judiciary relies greatly on popular justice for solving disputes through methods of conciliation and the application of tradition."[6] Customary laws generally consist of non-state dispute resolution systems that are usually based upon local customary, traditional or tribal systems of justice. Given Sudan's ethnic and religious plurality, customary laws and practice are diverse, differing from tribe-to-tribe and community-to-community. Case reporting of decisions by the formal courts is published in the Sudan Law Journal and Reports, whilst laws are published in the Sudan Gazette.

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