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why is the world such a cesspool of corruption?

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    Because we usually think corruption is going to make things easier and better...

    And also because doing things the right way takes more time and effort

    Or because it is an easy way to get extra money... and skip big trouble with little money

    If I put all that together...

    Is there any one who has NEVER been corrupted, at least once in life time

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    Even though throughout human history the predominant 'nature' exhibited by man is spontaneous cooperation, compassion, and a fight for justice against tyranny, most people are very quick to blame themselves - human nature, 'selfishness' etc, for this apparent proliferation of corruption and evil.

    The reason for the state of affairs today is a legacy from previous ages, resurrected and perpetuated by the ideals of collectivism and altruism. For centuries despots and kings put the needs of the many ahead of the individual and corruption flourished - communism (socialism) was the final example of this perversion and today it grows in strength, buoyed by the defaults of the alleged defenders of freedom.

    Any claim on another mans property is the means to a socialist end, if one man (or group) has the right to spend another mans money, regardless of any alleged 'social' gains, 'rights' cease to exist, and we are on the road back to the middle ages.

    In reality there can be no such thing as the right to violate rights, under socialism however, all you need is a good intention and you can redefine anyone who objects to (theft) as subversive, unpatriotic or selfish...

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    Well that's an open-ended question.

    I think the simplest answer is that many people are just plain selfish, and it's easier to care about yourself than to care about other people. This leads to a cycle - if a person sees the world as not caring about them, they don't see a reason to care about anyone else, which drives them to just use other people for their own happiness. The people they use become cynical and uncaring, and it goes on and on.

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    The world isn't. You're just percieving it that way. Try to be a little more objective with the way you look at the world and you might find something positive about it.

    Those who always look for the bad will only find the bad.

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    It has always been this way.. from the beginning of time. I guess though that given the huge leaps of technology today we have more of an intense level of corruption that can be more devestating... but I think its always been corrupt.

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    The world is full of both great and wonderful things and awful things. The good things just aren't on the news.

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    Total Depravity, my friend. That's why the government that governs less governs best.

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    The old saying is true:

    Power corrupts.

    It's just human nature.

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    Too many lefties. Thanx.

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    it is because we choose to criminalize normal human behavior.

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