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What about Jon Lester?

man, after being diagnosed with cancer last August, hes back in the big leagues! way to go!!!!


man, my sox better not even consider trading Lester. Hes surely a starter for at least 10 years. Add that to Dice k and beckett, pretty young, which will grow awesome as seasons go on and they get more experience, Also I sense Gabbard will be up next season as well. Hes finished for this season i suspect with his nice 4-0 Record. LETS GO RED SOX!

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    I am so happy for him! It really was devastating to hear about his cancer and I am thrilled for him and his family by what he has been able to do! Not only beat the cancer but, make a big league comeback..Truly phenomenal! Did you see his parents in the stands when he pitched Monday? I was so happy for them too! I hope he continues to do well and the Red Sox keep him around for a while.

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    I know! I'm so happy for him! I remember last year, when I heard he was diagnosed with cancer. I remember praying almost everyday for two weeks. When he was pronounced cancer-free, I was very happy and believed in miracles (well, for a week anyways).

    Can you believe that people are talking about trading him? I want to see Jon Lester in a Red Sox uniform his whole Major League career!

    Source(s): Boston <3
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    He has a lot of guts to come back but the question is and will always be consistentcy. Schilling comes back on Monday which could either help the Red Sox or hurt them. I think the Yankees will gain ground this weekend with Kansas City coming to the Bronx while Boston goes to Seattle.

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    I LOVE Lester!

    But I'm sorryto tell you...I think the Sox are gonna trade him. Personally I think they only brought him up now to showcase him so they can get a back up out fielder with a lil pop.

    I hope I'm wrong tho!

    Its a great story for a great guy.

    Haha did you see his first game back how nervous his mom was.


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    It was very good to see Jon Lester back and I'm very happy for his simply unbelievable win on Sunday.

    - A Yankees fan.

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    As a "Sox fan", actually i only wear a red sox hat b/c i really hate the yankees...

    He would have been better off losing a testicle to cancer and joining espn.

    Source(s): Me.
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    I am a Yankee fan but always root for Lester to do well.

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    I wish him the very best, always...Good Luck.... Jon Lester!

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    yes good for him and Boston

    go red sox

    Source(s): the biggest yankee hater in the uk
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    yes and he did very well going 6 strong with 6 strikeouts and 3 walks, he currently has a 3.00 era. he also has a win, good for him.

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