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Men! Don't you realize that the way you make love is more important to a woman?

The question I recently asked was why do men always talk about penis size on answers under Men's Health. The truth is that the way you Make Love to a woman is more important than anything else and how long you can make love making last and make it be great! Quit worrying about penis size women don't really care! They may make you think that but it is not true if they are really a loving woman or girl.


As for the Cream, yes just forget it!

Update 2:

As for "wonderwoman2" You are a insecure little b----, as well. No one said anything about it being smaller makes it better, read again! How they make love and use what God gave them is the most important thing!!! It's people like you that make men insecure.

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    I am total agreement. I am small, and when my wife was alive we had wild and great love making session. I found out how to make love to her and keep her in passionate love for hours sometimes, as she did me. I am still in love with her, even tho she is gone. We were married 29 yrs, and dated all thru HS.

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    Ummm ok well at the same time don't women realize the way they look is more important than how much they weigh? I always see questions about women who want to lose weight but if they look great who cares? Muscle weigh more than fat anyway so weight should never be a factor.

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    DAMN! I just bought a whole bunch of penis enlargement pills from this email I got last week! It said it was guaranteed to work and to please every woman. That's the last time I believe anything on the internet! ;)

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    So that cream that I ordered is a waste of money?

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    the way i do it very important to me

  • Anonymous
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    yes i agree

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