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Mike Gravel?

Someone posted this video on another question & answer.

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Although I personally think Mike Gravel makes profound comments and takes stances unpopular if not outright foreign with/to the status quo he appears to make great sense. However, I don't believe he is any more electable than Ron Paul.

Is Mike Gravel the Democrat's version of Ron Paul?

Should Gravel and Paul break away and run together on a 3rd party ticket?

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    You might not be aware of the significance of the 'daisy girl' ad. In the 1964 campaign, Barry Goldwater said we should aggressively go after Communism, even if that meant threatening them with nukes, 'cos we had more nukes than they did. Many ultraconservatives in those days were saying we could win a nuclear war. The Johnson campaign used the daisy-girl ad to show how dangerous this talk was, and it was the turning point in the election. Goldwater immediately began to sink in the polls and Johnson ended up beating himnby the biggest margin in history. But Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam, and got us into a quagmire there, to avoid Goldwater bashing him as 'soft on Communism', so it wasn't really a -victory- in real terms.

    Yes, Ron Paul and Mike Gravel have in common that they are running for president to make a statement, so they can indulge themselves in honestly saying what they think instead of being slaves to the polls, speaking in 'code words', and selling out to campaign contributors. This seems like a breath of fresh air, but it's really just a candidate's job. It shows you how badly the system has deteriorated, and how money has become the most important thing in politics, corrupting the whole process.

    But beyond their forthrightness and openness, Gravel and Paul don't agree on -anything-! If they joined to form a 3rd party, each of them would piss off half the members of the new party, and between them they'd piss off -everyone-! 8^)

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    Mike Gravel is wonderful. All he needs is more time in the sun and more Americans will flock to him. I'm a staunch supporter of Mike Gravel and I really hope that he wins. American will have a better future then.

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    Sure. That will garner them a whopping 4% of the vote instead of Ron's 2%. :)

    Sorry, can't help myself, but it's the truth.

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    He could never win, I saw an article today saying he has only raised $250,000. He also acted quite insane during the Youtube/CNN debate. Also, he's in his late 70s, which in my opinion is too old to be the president.

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