What is the lowest temperature water will scald the the skin of a human?

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    Toddlers and young children are at the highest risk of being scalded by hot water. It is easy to receive third degree burns from exposure to hot tap water, which comes from not only hot drinks and pots cooking on the stove, but from bath water. An approximate one-second exposure to 160° F water will result in third degree burns.1 Where the water is 130° F, an approximate half-minute exposure will result in third degree burns.2 This is the reason that the Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that water heaters be set to a maximum temperature of 120° F, even though an approximate ten minute expsoure to water heated to this temperature can result in third degree burns.

    A safe temperature for hot water is 110° F, which exposure to results in third degree burns in approximately ten hours.3 Even though this is a 'relatively-safe' temperature, exposure to water set at 110° F is painful; the human pain threshold is around 106-108° F. It is important to remember that 212° F is the boiling point of water, meaning that the temperatures at which exposure to water will result in burns is much less than the boiling point of water.

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    Scalding Temperature

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    The answer to the questions AS WORDED is yes. ("Is it possible...") However, this would require that the person be perfectly healthy and trained for that purpose, and that the clothes be selected with care (You need clothing that traps air against the skin, gives it some pressure and retains moisture). The mask needs to cover the entire face (even the entire head) and the oxygen has to be given with some pressure (it does not need to be much). However, if you put a bunch of humans (picked at random) on Mars, with a pile of ordinary clothes and oxygen bottles, likely none will survive for hours. The main problem with the very low pressure is that it will cause internal swelling and bloating. This will interfere with blood circulation. Organs will press agains other organs. Eyes will dry up way too quickly (water evaporates much faster at lower pressures). Even the skin will lose moisture too fast: the boiling point of water will be lower than the body temperature -- you will not be scalded by the boiling water (it is still cold) but it will be rapidly lost. Popped eardrums, maybe the bends (depending on how fast the humans find themselves exposed to the conditions). Bends = formation of bubbles in the blood caused by rapid decompression.

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    There is a time factor involved in this. From my experience toiling over a dishwasher in a summer camp, I would say around 140 deg F. Of course, you probably would not want to keep your skin in contact with such water even if it doesn't scald you.

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    It really depends on the amount of time the water is incontact with the skin. The hottest pure water can get is 100C, which won't burn you if it is on your skin for a very short time. I think around 180 it takes less than 3 seconds to cause a burn.

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