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West point to general?

what is the average % of west point graduets that become generals. what about colonels

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    The United States Military Academy (West Point) is the oldest service academy and has produced more flag officers (general officers) than any other institution in the United States.

    The West Point class of 1915 produced the most General Officers than any other class in which 59 of the 164 graduates rose to the rank of Brigadier General or higher. Some of the graduates included Eisenhower and Bradley. The '15 class would later be known as "Class the Stars Fell On."

    The percentage of flag officers and colonels varies from class to class. However, going back in history (especially the Civil War veterans) the percentage of generals were significantly higher since there was a small standing military at the time of their commission and most of their career. Those officers who decided to make the Army their career military quickly rose through the ranks to general in times of war.

    Today, the greatest source of commissioned officers in the United States Army is from the Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC.

    Being a USMA graduate does not guarantee that you will become a general however there is no other institution that better prepares young men and women to become competent officers who are instilled with the values of the institution's motto "Duty, Honor, Country."

    To better answer your question, please contact the USMA Association of Graduates (AOG).

    Source(s): United States service member
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    It seems that you are very passionate about West Point, and thats great. I hope it works out for you. West Point makes very smart and great leaders, so try hard. Unfortunately, not many people seem to know a lot. Try Wikipedia or West Point's website.

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    you will do find if you have a great discipline

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