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adding memory to ibook G4?

1)hard to do?

2)worth the price?

3)i have 512MB now will adding another 512MB replace the old or add to the existing?

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    This is something that a lot of people think to do, but never get around to it - with most computers. It will freak you out with the difference of upgrading the memory. I've included instructions from Apple on adding memory to the iBook G4. Hope this answers your questions !



    1)Not at all

    a) To install additional memory, you must first remove the battery and keyboard. Shut down your computer. Disconnect the power adapter, phone cord, and any other

    cables connected to the computer to prevent damaging the computer. Turn the computer over and remove the battery by giving the latch a quarter turn. (The internal components of your iBook G4 may be hot. If you have been using your iBook G4, wait 30 minutes after shutting down to let the internal components cool before continuing.

    b) Release the keyboard by sliding the two plastic tabs away from the display. Then lift the keyboard, flip it over, and lay it on the palm rest. If the keyboard doesn’t pop up, it may be locked. Locate the plastic tab next to the Num Lock key. Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the screw one half turn. Touch a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static electricity from your


    c) If you have an AirPort Extreme Card installed, remove the card. Lift the wire bracket that holds the card, remove the card from the slot, and detach the antenna. To prevent scratching, don’t rest your AirPort Extreme Card on your iBook G4 unless you place a soft cloth between the two.

    d) Remove the four screws that secure the RAM shield, then carefully lift it out. If you already have a memory card installed in the slot, remove it. Spread the tabs in

    the slot away from the notches in the memory card. The card should pop up slightly.

    e) Insert the new memory card into the slot at a 30-degree angle. Push the card to seat it fully into the slot. Press down on the memory card to lock it in place. If the memory card does not latch, do not force the card down. Try reinserting the card to make sure it is fully seated.

    f) Put everything back the way it was - and you're done :)

    2) YES - it will breathe new life into your iBook. After using the same piece of equipment for a while and then upgrading something as crucial as the memory - it will shock you. Everything is faster! Highly recommend this upgrade. is where a lot of Mac owners buy memory.

    3) The new iBook G4 uses a speed enhanced DDR333 SO-DIMM. There is one upgrade slot, which adds to the 128mb-512mb that is soldered on the logicboard. The system maximum for all iBook G4 models is 1.15-1.5G. So you would just add memory to the only available expansion slot. I recommend 1G !!

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    you install right behind the battery and it's not that hard to do at all. in fact, if you take the battery off you'll see apple's instructions on how to install additional memory.

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    Yes they are both mac laptop ram so of corse

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