Anyone been to the Beacon Theatre New York? What is the view REALLY like-from Right Center-seating??

Im currently scoping out tickets for a music concert at the Beacon theatre New York for next week.

Ive found pretty good tickets,but the only ones that seem available are ones all the way on the far Right-Center (Orchestra).

For people that have been there before-what is the view REALLY like from (far) Right Center (Orchestra)-Vs.- other areas? Pros/Cons-mostly can you really see action on the stage?

Ive heard its one of those venues where you "can see everything-no matter where youre seating"

Any help/honest opinions would be great-Thanks!

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  • A O
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    1 decade ago
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    Well it depends on the act that's playing how much you can see. It is true that the theater does have decent sight lines but the further to the sides you are the more you miss in the back of the stage area or on the sides. If it is a singer who stands at a mic in the center of the stage you will see it all, if you are dying to see every move of the drummer in the band (who are traditionally towards the rear of the set) then you may not get a clear view. If it is an act that runs all over the stage or performs quirky moves then you may miss pieces of it too and would be better off further back but more centered. But pieces are better than none so if you like the act and won't get another chance to see them then go for it.

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