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yahoo chat rooms?

how do i start chatting on a yahoo chat room

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    You have to download Yahoo Messenger to be able to use the Chat room feature. Yahoo removed the old chat rooms due to criminal activity by online sexual predators targeting children.

    Heres the link:

    You can chat another way but you have to access your Yahoo Beta Mail and you can only chat with people that have Yahoo Mail.

    Here are the instructions for enabling chat through Mail:

    See the smiley face next to your user name at the top of the mail page? Click it – then click Available, Busy, or Invisible. Yahoo! Mail will remember your choice when you return – even if you choose Sign out of chat.

    Here is the Yahoo Mail help page for Chat that shows all the different ways to chat, who you can chat with and how it works:

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    Yeah Yahoo nonetheless has their previous chat rooms to get to them you will possibly desire to pass to the messenger tab on your messenger and pass to yahoo chat then click on connect a room. in simple terms warning you there is a great number of bots interior the rooms at the instant. unsure if actual human beings head there anymore.

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