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What is the difference between Green Gas and CO2 powered Airsoft guns?

What is the difference between Green Gas and CO2 powered Airsoft Pistols?

I want to get a decent airsoft pistol and CO2 guns are much cheaper. What makes them cheaper? the power (FPS) seems to be the same.

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    I'm sorry but if you guys knew anything about airsoft and green gas, you would know the answer and not give such wishy washy statements.

    To the asker:

    Green gas is just propane with a bit of silicon oil. The reason is it so expensive is because it is typically made overseas in Japan, Taiwan, or China, and then imported to America. You can imagine the hassle of importing cans that explode and leak on a random basis (yes, if you've looked at a can of Green Gas, notice how thin the aluminum can actually is).

    So again, Green Gas is JUST propane with silicon oil. It is cheaper if you just use propane. I play airsoft and I use Coleman propane with a special nozzle adapter from Airsoft Innovations (

    They have a link explaining their lab results about how Green Gas is propane:

    Here is their newest adapter:

    I have an older version and it still works great. You just drop some silicon oil (which you can get from them too) into the adapter, screw it on your Coleman propane tank (EXACTLY the same as camping gas and portable stoves, they cost like $3 a can at Walmart or CVS Pharmacy or something).

    The one down side is that it smells like propane because the camping gas propane has a scent added so that people can detect leaks. The Green Gas is scentless but is just propane. You probably think it's "safer" to use green gas but trust me, if it's going to explode it's going to no matter what--propane is propane.

    CO2 guns are much cheaper because they are weaker. Propane delivers much stronger pressure and most high end airsoft guns run on Green Gas (ie, propane). Propane is actually the strongest of all the gases they adveristse. Red Gas, HFC100, Green Gas...propane is somewhere between Red and Green and is only recommended for use in higher end guns. The lower end guns can't handle the more powerful pressure of Red Gas and propane, when they blowback, things break.

    Anyhow, I hope this helps you out. Get a Green Gas gun, buy the adapter and save tons of money man. Good luck.

    Source(s): Been messing with airsoft for at least 12 years now.
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    Co2 Airsoft Guns

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    Green Gas Airsoft

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    CO2 is stronger and cheaper than green gas, and is available in any sporting goods stores, The only downside is that there are a lot less guns to choose from, since most are made to use green gas. The most common gun seems to be the Desert Eagle, so I suggest you get that if you're aiming for CO2. As for green gas guns, you can now buy an adapter to use propane in them, And its much cheaper than green gas, with the same performance.

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    I think CO2 releases chlorofluorocarbons and that isn't good for global warming. Green gas is more expensive because it isn't produced in the same volume, but eventually the law will require it. I have not yet even seen a Green Gas gun. You are talking about for paint ball or pellets right? In the US we use paint balls so there is no argument when you hit someone.

    I was on a team for a few years. Great sport.

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    well i think Co2 is cheaper nawmeen green gass is expensive...but i like the Co2 lead pellet/bb guns i got a few of them they r rocking they go thru axe cans and shatter glass. just a suggestion but i think co2 is just cheaper even tho they both get the job done

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    Green gas is a weird mixture of stuff if i can remember correctly, its alot different than CO2.

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    I think it depends

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    man, you all are a bunch of shits, contradicting one another. if u dunno what youre talking abt, shut the f up.

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