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Playing Sims2 on PC, PSP and DS?

What the differences of playing it on PC, PSP and DS?

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    there is nothing to sy about this, there will be some difference in graphics.

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    Consider the platform you'd like to play in. SIms on the PC is usually the full version. When it goes on the consoles (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360), certain parts of the game are modified since on the pc you use a keyboard and mouse while on consoles you only have a controller. Basically, if you're used to the pc version, stick with it since there are features not included in the console versions. For consoles, it's a nice laternative if you don't have a high end pc. For gaming on the go, get the portables. Just bear in mind that you may getting the same name but the gameplay has been modified to fit into the limitations present with each different version.

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    While there are many, many small differences, the main ones are:

    Sims for PC has many more options for appearance and designing a house. Sims for PSP and DS, depending on the version, has little to none.

    Another difference is that on PC you just live out the Sims' lives. On the DS and PSP ones, you have to complete tasks and basically run around doing fairly uninteresting chores.

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    pc-they have roofs they dont have roofs on the 1 4 ps2

    psp-is like 1 big mission mode where u accomplish goals

    ds-not shure but have heard dat it sucks

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    i not sure

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