i'm looking for a book from the late 60s early 70s.?

i'm looking for a childrens book my parents bought for me in the late 60s early 70s. i don't remember the title,author, or publisher but i would recognize it if i saw it. how do i find this book? web-site? librarian? etc? please help.


this book is about a little boy who wanted to play football with his big brother and his friends. big brother and friends wouldn't let him play because they thought at his age and size he wouldn't be good enough. everyday, he would watch them hoping they would let him play. finally, one day as he was watching from the other side of the fence, the ball came over to him. he picked it up and the other kids were asking him to try and give it back. he decided to kick it back to them. it was such a powerful kick the ball went over the other kids heads. they were so impressed they let him start playing with them.

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    The best way to find a book like this is to use an online service like "NoveList" or "What do I read next." These databases will allow you to put in a genre, subject terms, descriptive terms, etc. and it will return a list of books. People use this service to find books that would like to read, but you can use it for your purposes as well. Now, where do you find "NoveList" or "What do I read next?" Most likely your public library will have a subscription or maybe your local college library. Check with you local librarian to see if they subscribe to these databases or something like it.

    Source(s): I am a librarian.
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  • Was this a picture book or a longer chapter book?

    Here are a couple of possibilities:

    Elbert, the mind reader.

    Barbara Rinkoff; Paul Galdone


    A new filling proves to be a radio receiver that can also tune in on people's thoughts, and a boy too small for the football team saves the big game.

    The runt of Rogers School.

    Harold Keith

    1971 [1st ed.]

    Afraid to block and tackle and so small he cannot buy clothes to fit, Bennie is still determined to find a place on the elementary school football team.

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    I have absolutely no idea how you'd go about finding the book without giving any info beyond being able to recognize it when you see it and that it's from the late '60s/early '70s. Without a title, author's name, publisher, details, etc. I don't think a librarian could even begin to help either. You could try the web, but again without these things it would probably take you a good long while to find it.

    Sorry I'm of absolutely no help.

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    I'm not familiar with this particular story, but you may want to check out the Matt Christopher books in the juvenile fiction section of your library...(or search his books on amazon.com) to see if you see it. He wrote an extensive selection of fiction books on a variety of sports and we have them at our school library where I work (Grades K-8). A children's librarian may recognize the story if you ask. Maybe you'll get lucky and find out here! Good luck!

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    You could try asking here and giving what information you do know about it...like what it is about, character names, setting, etc. It would be difficult to search the web for it. Some librarians can be very helpful with that kind of thing. Or perhaps a bookstore that specializes in children's books.

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