Mexicans? i got a pregunta for you?

Can i get a mexican drivers license without being a citizen of mexico?


I'm serious..if you dont know...dont bother answering!

Update 2:

I swear some of you are idiots!...Can an american citizen get a mexican drivers license...

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    I am not Mexican, but I can answer this for you. I had a Mexican drivers license, since I regularly go down to visit my In Laws I got one. I had to have my Visitors Visa and some other paper work but I got one. I AM NOT A MEXICAN CITIZEN. This is what you need to obtain a Mexican drivers license:

    Valid proof of citizenship (passport or birth certificate).

    The appropiate immigration form (tourist card). learn about visa options

    The valid vehicle registration certificate, or a document, such as the original title that certifies the legal ownership of the vehicle. It must be in the driver's name.

    The leasing contract (if the vehicle is leased or rented) which must be in the name of the person importing the car. If the vehicle belongs to a company, present the document that certifies the employee works for the company.

    A valid driver's license, issued outside Mexico.

    An international credit card, also issued outside Mexico (American Express, Mastercard or Visa), in the name of the driver of the vehicle.

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    No way Amigo! But you can drive on a valid US one. Make sure you have Mexican Insurance though...Also if as some have said you are a LEGAL Mexican resident you can get one but that didn't seem like your actual question.

    They actually ENFORCE their immigration laws in Mexico.

    Us; "We don't need no Driver's Licenses!"

    Mexifornia Driver's License Example:

    In California if you are a LEGEL citizen or resident and are caught driving without a license your vehicle will be impounded and you may be taken to jail.

    In California if you are an illegal alien they just write you a ticket in your false name that you just made up as the cop asked you. You list your address as whatever random series of numbers is on the license plate of the stolen car you are driving and they let you go after giving you a knobber and a back rub...

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    Yes, you can get a Mexican license if you are a legal resident of Mexico.

    If you are thinking of living in the US, then you can't drive in the US on a Mexican license. But if you live in Mexico and are visiting the US, you can.

  • jose
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    I am an American.(Canadians and Mexicans are literally Americans, they live in the continent of North America.) A Hispanic, with Mexican decent. LoL I dont think so. Thats a great question. I wonder how they treat the illegals aliens in Mexico.

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    i don;t think you need to be a Mexican citizen to get one. Why do you ask?

  • 3 years ago

    in case you reside interior the U. S. and have a visa (get one to circulate to college) then you definately qualify for each and all of the comparable help as an american scholar and much extra in some states (California) in case you choose remedial help in english or math.

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    Chabaaccaroll- or whatever your name is 1st answerer...listen to those kids chanting America- the future holds a strong division, created by parents that teach American hatred in "la casa"

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    Could that be why you hear reports EVERY evening on the news of people dying in auto accidents caused by "unlicensed drivers"?

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    you can get one if your visiting...

    its a temporary one....

    in mexico you can buy anything if you have money....

    and if you get caught w/o one you can simply tip the traffic cops and continue with your drive....

    sad but true

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure if your money is green smart one!

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