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Vacuum reviews?

I am lokoing for some suggestions on the best vacuums for a house with a dog that sheds CONSTANTLY. The fur keeps clogging my upright, so I think I am going to go with a canister vac, however, I do not want to spend a lot of money. Any thoughts.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree with PebblesPro - everyone will say a Dyson. However, my husband and I own a housecleaning company and have used them on several occasions - and they are not THAT great. In fact, I would say they are overrated (except by Consumer Reports which places Dyson in the middle ranking among a lot of other vacuum cleaners). They do have good suction, but then again, so do most vacuums nowadays.

    I've been trying to research myself different vacuums to replace the one we currently have (it is getting old). After checking out a lot of different vacuums, we went with the Eureka Capture - a new release by Eureka. It is pretty good, except I would say the suction is not as good as the one we have now. It has awesome attachments, is durable, and E-Z Roll tires which is good for hardwood floors. Keep in mind thouugh, our standards are high because we have to use them everyday, and they have to be good and reliable.

    The one that I would recommend though is what is our previous vacuum before this one: the Eureka Smart Boss 4870. This one has great suction power and has a long hose and attachments. It was rated a Best Buy by Consumer Reports and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval (something Dyson doesn't have). I am contemplating returning the Eureka we just bought to go and buy another one of these (we just wanted to see if there was something better out there). Anyway, I know others will suggest many other vacuums, but my advice is shop around. Go to the stores and pick up the displays and play with the attachments - see which one fits you. Also, has many reviews of vacuums that people have personal experience using - so check them out too! Good Luck

    Source(s): Personal Experience Owner of Housecleaning Company
  • 1 decade ago

    I am 49 yrs old. I have had every type of vacuum under the sun. Phatoms, Eureka's, Dirt Devils, everything, but after going through vacuums almost every 3-4 years, I had had enough. I went for a DYSON. It's awesome. I'm at a place in my life where we could afford a nicer vacuum. It NEVER loses suction. I'm a vacuuming fanatic. I don't feel my house is clean, unless it's vacuumed. I have the swivel head Dyson and love it. Well worth the money you pay for it. Lowe's has the best price, unless it goes on sale somewhere in which Lowes WILL match the competitors price.

  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone's going to say get a DYSON.. Well, they are about $500 and I'm sure they are nice, but like you I don't have that to throw around.. Having said, consider taking your old vacuum for servicing.. It may only need an overall clean and check, belt replaced etc... Also, it may be good to take your dog to a groomer once a month and have him/her brushed throughly to prevent all the shedding... If you are set on getting a new vacuum I have an upright HOOVER SAVVY and I love it.. It's roughly $200 and I even vacuum my dog with the attachments I've had it for 4 yrs and it's been great. However, we did purchase the extended warranty for the extra $100 for 3 extra yrs.. That has been a lifesaver ! I've only had to replace my filter 2x ($40) each and the warranty has covered everything else.. I have my vacuum whether it needs it or not serviced at least 2x a yr... So, the warranty has paid for itself.... Good luck...

  • Sheila
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    1 decade ago

    I have a Eureka upright, Boss bagless upright (with hose attachments). I have 4 kids and an indoor allergy bearing, super shedding dog. That vacuum has been a really good vacuum and when it dies I will get another Eureka. Walmart has Eureka, and I am sure I paid under $100 for mine. I will say I have a Bissell carpet cleaner that I also like. One brand I have never had good luck with is Dirt Devil.

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  • july
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    1 decade ago

    If you don't want to spend a lot of money, you aren't going to be able to get a vacuum that will do what you want. Sorry!

    I have a Dyson DC07 with a HEPA filter. It cost $300. I have 9 cats and 1 dog. This vacuum was worth every penny. The amount of dog and cat hair it sucks up is astounding.

    Vaccums with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air filter or high efficiency particulate arresting filter) were first used to keep radioactive particles from spreading. They do quite well in keeping pet dander from spreading too.

    These are Dyson DC07's. (Mine's yellow.)

    At first I resisted spending $300 on a vacuum. (You can buy a good vacuum for about 70 bucks, right?) My husband insisted, and I am glad he did.

  • I have an upright...bag less. I used to have 2 cats and it did fill quickly, but you can see everything. All the parts are washable and there are 3 filters. I love it and have had many vacuums over the years. I think mine is a Bissell, Power Trak. This one cost about $100...worth every penny. Good luck!

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