What is difference between pederast, a gay and bisexual?

Can a pederast be a gay and bisexual? If some one is pederast, he is gay at the same time or it is a separate term? And a pederast can be bisexual, if he is attarcted by girls also?

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    Pederasty is between adult and adolescent males. Pedophilia is is the mental state of being sexually attracted prepubescent children, which could mean boys, girls, or both.

    A pederast could be gay and bisexual. Historically, pederastism wasn't generally even considered as part of a sexual preference. In the cultures that it was common in, most men who had adolescent male lovers would also have wives and children, and the adolescent male would grow up and have his own wife, children, and possibly his own adolescent male lover. In many cultures, pederast relationships were considered part of the norm, with the relationship between the older man and the adolescent ending once he was considered a grown man.

    A person could be a pederast and a pedophile, but keep in mind that they are different things. Adolescents can be, and often are, sexually mature. Prepubescents are not sexually mature.

    Pederasty is a debatable thing, whether it is ethically sound or not. Different countries have different laws concerning it. It's basically the same thing as a grown man having a relationship with a teenaged girl, only the teenaged girl part switched to teenaged boy. In some countries, teenaged girls are considered mature enough to get married and have children, etc. Even in the US, it's possible for a fourteen year old girl to get married as long as she has her parent's permission in some states.

    Pedophilia, unlike pederasty, is without a doubt harmful to the child. It's considered abuse in most countries. The child is not sexually nor mentally mature enough to be in a relationship, and are not old enough to consent and are taken advantage of. Pedophilia has many, many negative affects on children involved.

    I would say that pederasty may or may not be harmful. It would really depend on the people. Many adolescents are mature enough to consent to a sexual relationship. It's not like people suddenly become sexually and emotionally mature once they hit 18. Depending on the adolescent involved, pederasty could either be a homosexual preference to younger partners, or harmful behavior. If a man is attracted to an adolescent who doesn't look sexually mature, there's probably something wrong with the man that is not linked at all to homosexuality.

    While people who are pedophiles may or may not be homosexuals, being attracted to prepubescent children is not normal. Prepubescent children do not look sexually mature. Many pedophiles are heterosexuals, but their sexual preference doesn't have a bearing on them being attracted to prepubescent children.

    I've tried to explain this as best I can. Generally, pederasty can be, in my opinion, a healthy relationship. It would depend on the adolescent involved, if he were mature enough.

    If a grown man is attracted to adolescent males who do not look mature, I would say that he is closer to being a pedophile.

    Pedophilia is a mental disorder which requires treatment and medical therapy.

    A person's sexual preference (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual), is not included in a pedophile's disorder. The disorder and the person's sexual preference are not related. Some people make the mistake of thinking that homosexuality is somehow responsible for pedophiles who molest little boys, but that is not the case.

    A lot of people automatically look at pederasty as if it were the same thing as pedophilia. This is due to the social conception that people over 18 should not be in relationships with people under 18. The relationship could be perfectly healthy, but social stigma casts it in a dark light. It's an iffy subject, because people mature at different speeds. Personally, I matured very fast. At 15 I looked like I was 18, and I was in a relationship with someone who was 23. It wasn't sexual, but even so, most Westerners would have looked down on the relationship. I wasn't living in the States at the time, and the country where we lived didn't have that social stigma. We were considered normal.

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    It's REAL simple:

    PEDERASTS are attracted to POST-pubescent males (usually 12-19 years old - teenage boys)

    PEDOPHILES are attracted to PRE-pubescent males and/or females (usually 11-and-under - children)

    Adult gays are usually attracted to other adult gays

    In most states, where the age-of-consent is 16 , PEDERASTY is perfectly legal between a 16-year-old (minor, but above the age-of-consent) in a relationship with anyone 18+ (adult).

    Usually, in most states, sex is illegal when an adult (18+) has sex with someone 15-and-under; however ,some states have "Romeo & Julliet" laws which make exceptions for "underage sex" if the age difference is typicaly around 4 years or less.

    In Canada, a few years ago, the age-of-consent was 14. I think it has since been changed to 16.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): www.ageofconsent.com
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    Gay = man loves man / woman loves a woman

    Bi = likes guys and girls

    pederast = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pederast

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    You tell me what a pederast is first and we can go from there.

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    i don't know what a pederast is but i know there is a huge difference from being gay to being bisexual.

    Source(s): pederast - if that is a pediaphile them f**k them that's disgusting. any form of pediaphilla (however you spell it) is wrong! they aint in my LGBT group!
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