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who thinks the sec is overhyped..?

there fans sure do try to convince football nation....when in actuality they're trying to convince themselves.........give it to me....

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    The SEC is strong, but just as strong as other conferences. They have 6 Big time teams and 6 jokes, so does the ACC (6 real teams: Florida State, Miami, VT, BC, Georgia Tech, and Clemson. 6 jokes: NC state, NC, Duke, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Maryland). Big 10 has 5 solid's all just hype, you are right. ESPN has a HUGE Big 10 and SEC bias.


    DW - you don't merit a response with such a stupid comment but to humor you....the other 2 teams are 1) either Alabama or Arkansas (Alabama still isn't up to par just cause of Saban showing, and Arkansas had a decent year with a lot of holes left from last year) 2) South Carolina...again they can compete nicely but just cause Spurrier is there doesn't make them legit. Kinda like how I'm not calling Wake Forest legit (they had a lucky year) and I'm not calling UNC legit (just cause they have Butch Davis now), and in the ACC you can argue NC State and Maryland aren't half bad either, but I didn't go that far. So yes you have 6 jokes, just like the ACC.

    Josh F - Good point, you are correct about them picking up awful non-conference teams. UF plays FAU, Troy, and W. Kentuky. Plus back when Spurrier was there he took UM off his schedule when they kept beating UF...Bowden kept them on. UF hasn't put UM back on since, except for one game in like 01 or 02 or something.


    To the idiot that had the balls to put intelligence in his name....

    1) Head coaches have all the say in what non-conference games they play, THEY SET UP THE SCHEDULE IDIOT! They agree to the games and contact the teams for which they are going to add. When Troy and Rice got on FSU's schedule last year it was out of nowhere but it came because their head coaches contacted Bobby and the games were set up.

    2) Spurrier made a "feable" attempt to set up a series that would only go from 92 to 96 that even Denis Erikson said could have been made possible but that UF and Spurrier were unwilling. Spurrier made a comment about it after being ragged about not playing them, then used the "either UF-FSU or UM-UF" as his excuse to back out when the SEC championship games were created. Saying he made an attempt is like saying that every coach that says we want to win the National Championship actually made an "attempt" to actually do it.

    3) To say the championship game "inabled" them to play is stupid. I will only use this year as an example to save space, non-conference games you have 4, you play FSU, then Troy, W. Kentucky, and Florida're right, non of those games could have been replaced with a UM match up. And Spurrier got just as much $hit for his unwillingness to drop one of the soft games and put UM in. FSU did, put UM in, UF, Clemson (for the Bowden bowl), we even made sure this year to drop Virginia, and pick up VT....but that's cause Bobby actually challenges his team...and he doesn't sign WEAK NON-CONFERENCE games like the SEC does.

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    I am a Big Ten fan. It is hard to argue that any conference is better than the SEC with LSU, Georgia, FLorida, Tennessee, and Auburn as your top 5.

    The Big Ten has Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin as their top 4, but no suitable team for no.5.

    The Pac 10 has USC, Cal, and Oregon State.

    Just remember, 20 years ago, Florida had 8 million people; today they have 20 million people. Georgia and South Carolina have seen similar spikes in population. The SEC shouldn't get any credit for having such a huge increase in the recruiting base. these schools are just at the right place, at the right time, no more, no less.

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    The SEC is perhaps over hyped but they are a strong conference regardless of hype. Are they stronger than other conferences? I don't know and I don't care. If you really want to determine the best conference try and figure out which conference is sending the most players to the NFL. NFL teams spend much bucks on scouting and they find the talent. I submit that the conference sending the most players to the pros is the best conference.

    I want to respond to the dunderhead that claimed that Spurrier dropped Miami because they beating UF. This is simply an untrue statement (and it's borderline stupid). Here's why:

    1) The decision to drop Miami was driven by the SEC's decision to add a championship game. This forced UF to play 8 conference games each year. Florida determined that they needed 7 home games every year to make their budget. In order to get 7 home games each year one of the two non-conference home and home games had to go (UF-FSU or UF-UM). Florida chose to drop Miami (some say because the UF-FSU game is mandated by the Legislature but I don't know if that's true).

    2) When Spurrier took the job at Florida he held a press conference and set 5 goals for the team: 1) win the SEC; 2) install a grass playing field; 3) beat Georgia; 4) get Miami back on the schedule; 5) win a national championship. This makes it pretty clear to me that Spurrier wanted to play Miami.

    3) Head coaches - even legendary (in Gator Nation's eyes) coaches like Steve - don't have very much input in the schedule making. That's all money and budget and national exposure and is almost exclusively set by the AD.

    For those of you that care Miami is back on UF's schedule for a home and home in 2011 or 2013. I don't know if it will continue beyond two years. All Florida football fans (and all football fans in Florida) want UF-UM to resume.

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    JR - Name the 6 bad SEC schools. I can name 4 that was, but are on the rise: Ole Miss, Miss. State, Vandy, and Kentucky. Who are the others?

    Overhyped are the Notre Dames that get to big bowls and get blown out every year by SEC schools. Ohio State and Southern Cal are also examples of overhyped. Jealousy or ignorance are the only excuses for discrediting the SEC.

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    I've been saying for a while, SEC fans is over-hyped and delusional, to promoted that theirs teams in the conference is the best in the country is laughable. If your team is really good, the Medias will promote for you, like ESPN pick USC #1 this year or every other Magazine and Newspapers in the country. Like one fan his name is Calill, he asked on this site why they have West V. #2 and not LSU, he said LSU is alot better than West V. This is a typical SEC fan who try to over-hyped theirs team. SEC fan if your team or conference is great the Medias will promote you, no need for you to open your big mouth to yelled we are the best, it's only make peoples laugh at you.

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    The communities they beat apart from the Buckeyes weren't ranked. They performed in a vulnerable convention this season very reminiscent of Ohio State and Penn State. Their super win over Ohio State replaced right into a effect of OSU's suitable participant being injured, and uncommon yet unfavorable judgment on the area of coach Tressel. He alternated quarterbacks whilst he could have left Pryor in to end the sport. They have been a thoroughly different offense with him in there. With that they maximum possibly nonetheless might have gained that interest, however the score could have been far different. in the event that they have been taking part in interior the shoe they might have lost. I even have hardly seen a set of officers from the abode group's convention. to respond to the question they are hyped up, regrettably USC followers won't in any respect admit it. they have self belief they could be interior the nationwide championship whilst they lost to an unranked group.

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    sec schools do have several advantages, such as warm weather, fans who really have nothing else going on in their lives besides college football (which explains the convincing), proximity to many top prospects, higher player payrolls, etc., but it's all cyclical. they had the best team last year but there's a lot of crap teams in the sec as well and they'll be down in a few years too.

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    The pac-10, big 10, big 12, and acc is overhyped way more than the SEC.

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    definitely look at their bowl record--not very good. (i dont remember exactly, but their under .500 in the last 5 years) All of the teams shy away from big nonconference games, they usually pick on some loser teams from the sun belt conference. you dont see very many challenges for them in their schedules. and when they do play big name teams they usually lose.

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