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Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather jr. Rematch??

Personally, I would like to see it happen again being a boxing fan and boxer and all. People talk about Hatton vs. Mayweather, personally it would be a waste in my opinion, Mayweather is just all around the perfect counter for Hatton's type of fight, being amazingly bigger and faster and more defensive than Hatton is.

De la Hoya vs Mayweather again would be something to see, but does anyone else think that this would happen again? Thats what I'm really trying to ask here, I'm not asking about how the fight would turn out ( although comments on it would be interesting to see ) but I just wanted to get some of you people's thoughts on this fight ever happening again, hopefully Oscar will use his damn jab to take down Mayweather

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seen around 2:30 Oscar jabs Mayweather and it seems to actually work... unfortunanetly he didn't throughout the fight and well... yeah...

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  • Bru
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    Oscar should retire all the really good fighters knew how to handle him and have beaten him easily Sugar Shane Mosley, he fought the wrong style with Bernard Hopkins and Mayweather. People go on about the decision forgetting that he has been on the right side of a wrong decision as well get over it.

    Mayweather should focus on Jermanie Taylor or Cory Spinks then retire.

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    Forget about these 2 having a rematch because it will not happen. Their first fight drew a lot of money, but was so boring that a rematch would not make a penny. Mayweather fought De La Hoya to put the name on his resume and get revenge for his uncle Jeff who lost to De La Hoya, but there is nothing in a rematch for him. De La Hoya knows he was lucky to go the distance with Floyd and learned from that fight he has no speed or skill left, so Floyd is going to stick to tomato cans that come right at him (Mayorga, Cotto, et cetera).

    Floyd would win a rematch with a tenth round stoppage by the way.

  • Big E
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    1 decade ago

    this fight won't happen because Oscar only asks for rematches with guys he can beat. He never asked for a rematch with Hopkins or Mayweather. He can't beat either one. He fought as well as he could in the 1st fight & it wasn't close. The judge that had it 115-113 for De La Hoya was blind. This fight wasn't close & if Mayweather isn't retired then he should fight Hatton, then the Cotto/Mosley winner, then Paul Williams, Jermain Taylor & then call it a career.

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    Give this idea up people....I am one of the biggest De La Hoya fans......Oscar was totally out reason for a replay.....the same thing will happen....he is just too slow and those quick rapid flurries that he would do toward the end of rounds kept him in it because the judges were blinded by his "charisma" or what ever you want to call not pay good money for this....not any reason to have it other then to "milk" more naive fans out of their money!!

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    I didn't mind the first fight but I just think that there are so many more intriguing fighters out there (Cotto, Mosley, Cintron) that seeing Mayweather dominate Oscar again would be a bit redundant.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It won't happen. The fight was boring because Mayweather made it so. He was just defending himself. Oscar tried his best to make the fight entertaing and in my eyes he won but because Mayweather had more hits, miss less and all that bullshit he won the fight.

    I wan pacquio to fight tho. He is just a beast. Not that many mexicans can beat him.

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    a rematch would be a bigger waste of time...dela hoya should retire hes never won a big time fight and hes not going to start doing so for mayweather he needs to stop avoiding the good fighters after him like cotto mainly and soon paul williams, i cant wait to see him get knocked out and cotto will do just that,PLEASE NO MORE MAYWEATHER DELA HOYA FIGHTS!

  • Karin
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    4 years ago

    It will happen on the date and place paulie said. It will be another win for May. Here is a big call- I am taking PBF with a 6th round TKO of ODLH. Whoever suggested ODLH go after Baby! That would be like Vitali Klitschko calling out Pavlik... a bit out there. Paulie- I think Pac-Man KOs either Diaz, but I agree he took the easier fight. All I can say about the answers I have seen is ..Wow!

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    you guys are the stupidest people who ever thought maywether was better then de la hoya.Mayweather dident do crap in that fight all he did was run if there was a rematch oscar would win the fight hands down the only reason maywether won was cause they fixed the fight that is how desprate mayweather is so if there was a rematch i will watch it and oscar will beat the hell out of maywether so ya maywether sucks oscar is the camp


    FOR LIFE....

  • 1 decade ago

    Oscar said that there wont be a rematch dat he wants to fight someone that can stay in front of him and fight he wants Hatton or Cotto.

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