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Cute Female Yorkie Name?

What are some Cute Little Baby Yorkie Female names?

So far I've come up with Bubbles,Ruffles,and Daisy.

I would prefer one that starts with a "D"because all of my other dogs names,start with "D".




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    Demi Tasse (Demi)

    Dim Sum





    Dabber Dabble Dacca

    Dacia Dacker Dacko

    Dacron Dada Daffodil

    Dafoe Dag Dagan

    Dagmar Dagon Dagwood

    Dahl Dahlia Dahlin

    Dahna Daina Daiquiri

    Daishi Daisy Daisy May

    Dak Dakar Dakhla

    Dakota Dalai DALAI LAMA

    Dale Dali Dallan

    Dallas Damage Damascus

    Dame Dameron Damian

    Damon Damper Damsel

    Danbury Dancer Dandee

    Dandelion Dandy Danette

    Dangerfield Danica Danielle

    Danilo Danish Dank

    Danny Dante Danu

    Danube Danza Daphne

    Dapper Darbert Darby

    Dare Daredevil Daren

    Daria Darla Darlene

    Darling Darnel Darryl

    Dart Darter DARTH VADER

    Darwin Dash Dasha

    Dasher Data Database

    Dato Davenport David

    Davis Davy Dawn

    Daze Dazzle Dazzler

    Dazzy DBA DBX

    DC De Niro DEA

    Dea Dia Dealer Dean

    Deano Dearborn Debarnix

    Debit Debo Debussy

    Debutante Decan Decanter

    Decca December Decker

    Decoder Decorator Dee Dee

    Deefer DeeJay DEEOGEE

    DeForest Degas DÉJÀ VU

    Delaware Delbert Delete

    Delia Delicia Delicious

    Delilah Della Dellinger

    Delman Delmonico Delmonte

    Delores Delphi Delta

    Demerit Demi Demitasse

    Demitri Demo Dempsey

    Den Denali Dennis

    Denny Denton Denver

    Depp Deputy Derby

    Derek Dern Desdemona

    Desi Designer Desilu

    Desire Desiree Desmi

    Desmond Desoto Desperado

    Destimona Destiny Detiyr

    Detonator Detour Detroit

    Deuce Devane Devil

    Devina Devine Devlin

    Devon Devonshire Dew

    Dewey Dewfall DEXEDRINE

    Dexter Dezi Anna Di

    Diablo DIAMOND Diamonds

    Diana Dibble Dibo

    Dice Dick Dick Tracy

    Dickens Dickey Dickky

    Diddley Diddy Didi

    Dido Diego Diesel

    Diet Dieter Dietrich

    Digby Digger Digit

    Dijon Dilbert Dile

    Dilettante Dillon Dilly

    Dim Sum DiMaggio Dimbra

    Dimples Dina Dinger

    Dingo Dino Dior

    Diplomat Dipper Dirk

    Disco Disney Disraeli

    Dita Ditto Ditty

    Diva DIVOT Dix

    Dixie Dizzy DJ

    Doc Doctor Dodger

    Dodo Dogbane Doglet

    Dogmatic DOGZILLA Doheny

    Doja Dolan Dolby

    DOLCE DoLittle Dolly

    Dom Domain Domani

    Domingo Dominic Dominique

    Domino Don Donahue

    Donald Donatello Dong

    Donna Donner Donovan

    Donut Doodad Doodle

    Doodles Doogie Dooley

    DOOLITTLE Doonesbury Dooney

    Doorman Dora Dorabelle Doreen

    Doria Dorkis Dorthy

    Dot DOTS Dottie

    Doubleday Double-O-7 Doug

    DOUGH-BOY Douglas Dove

    Dowel Downhill Dowry

    Dozer DR. WHO Draco

    Draconid Dracula Dragon

    Drake Drama Drambuie

    Draper Drawers Dreadnought

    Dreamer Dreamweaver Dreyfus

    Droopy Drummer Drummond

    Drusilla Drusus Dryden

    Drysdale Du Pont Duanne

    Dubonnet Dubuffet Duce

    Duchess Duckie Ducky


    Dudley Duffy Dugong

    Duke Dulce Dulcinea

    Dumas Dumbo Dumpling

    Dun Dunbar Duncan

    Dunhill Dunk Dunop

    Durango Durante Durban

    Dushane Dustin Dustmop

    Dusty Dutch Dutton

    Duvall Dweeb Dweezil

    Dwindell Dylan Dynamite


    If you don't like any of these, just google it!

  • Mary
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    5 years ago

    Cookie, Candy, Sugar, Honey, Baby, Daisey, Bubbles, Reese, Ginger, Sandy, Emmy, Ruby, Libby, Jackie, Tilly, Precious.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi I'm a yorkie lover mi self, and i got one that i love so much, but i like Diana, Dulce witch is candy in Spanish, and of course Daisy i got a miniature schnauzer name daisy i love her too.

  • 1 decade ago

    DeeDee, Dharma, Dina, Delhala

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  • I always like to name my dog according to something about their personality. For instance my current Yorkie I named Lizzie. Why? Because when I first got her she always wanted to sit on my shoulder like an "Arm Lizard." lol

    My Cat is Black Bart. Because he is solid black and is a gung ho type of guy.

    So look for something about your dogs personality that just "fits".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Daisy is a wonderful name. =D

    It doesn't have to start with D either. Remember the ghosts from Pac-Man? Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde? Just throwing that out as an example.

    Now that I think of it, Blinky is a wonderful name...

  • 1 decade ago

    Didi, Daisy, Danni (Danielle), Dapper, Ditzy, Delila, Delia, Darcy...

    My favorite would be Dulce (pronounced Dull-chay -- means sweet or sugar in Spanish)

  • 1 decade ago

    Debbie, Dora, Diamond, Donna,

  • Icey
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Alexis for female, Alex for male

  • 1 decade ago

    Dandy would be cute but I personally think the name "Lovey" is just too cute.Another good name is Widget-----or how about Dude?

  • 1 decade ago

    Dixie, Delilah, DeeDee, Dove, Dingles... Darcy..Dharma... Dootles, Dumplin', Desire (dez-ur-ray)...Dunkin.. Ditkins...Dewdrop...

    OH!! not "Lovey"!!! that was Thurston Howell III's nick name for his wife on Giligan's Island!!!

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