how do i obtain a taiwan birth certificate?

My mom came here 30+ years ago married my father. Our house got broken into and whomever did it stole all of our families records, keepsakes, etc. They took my mother's passport and birth certificate. She has a greencard and social security card and had her license but lost it about a month ago, we are having a BIG issue trying to get a duplicate because we are finding out she has an old version of the greencard, any suggestions?

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    First of all, I am sorry that your home got broken into.

    Here is the address for TECO:

    She will need to report to TECO for lost of passport. She will need to bring the policy report and a photo id. Usually this take 7 working days. She may need to place an ad on the newspaper for lost and found.

    Passport application form

    Once you've the passport, this is her ID.


    Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card

    Purpose of Form :

    Use this form to replace a "Green Card."

    Number of Pages :


    Edition Date :

    01/10/07. Previous editions accepted.

    Where to File :

    See Special Instructions

    Filing Fee :

    $260.00 Please see Special Instructions for filing fee increase information.

    Special Instructions :

    Filing Fee Increase Information:

    Effective July 30, 2007, the fee for filing this application will change. Applications submitted or postmarked on or after July 30 must be accompanied by the new fee amount.


    If filing to renew your card within 30 days of turning 14 years of age: No fee


    All others when a fee is required: $370 including biometrics.

    Filing Fee(s) and Where to File:

    If you are filing because:

    • Your card was valid for 10 years and is expiring or has expired

    • Your card was lost, stolen or destroyed;

    • Your card is mutilated;

    • Your name or other biographic information has changed since the card was issued;

    • You have taken up Commuter status;

    • You were a Commuter and am now taking up residence in the U.S.;

    • Your status has been automatically converted to permanent resident;

    • You have an old edition of the card;

    Then your payment is the base application fee is $190 plus the biometrics fee of $70. Total filing fee = $260.

    If you have reached your 14th birthday since the date your card was issued, your payment is the biometrics fee of $70 is required. The base application fee is not required if you file the Form I-90 within 30 days after your 14th birthday. Total filing fee = $70.

    Where to file if you are filing for any reason shown above: If you are filing for any of the reasons noted above, please mail your completed Form I-90 and appropriate fees directly to the following address:

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

    P.O. Box 54870

    Los Angeles, CA 90054-0870

    For non-U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliveries (e.g., Federal Express, UPS or DHL):

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

    Attention: I-90

    16420 Valley View Avenue

    La Mirada, CA 90638

    (This is close to my house :)


    This is not the path to re-establish her ID. Just in case, you want to.

    There are only one way to get the original birth certificate. You will need to locate the hospital.

    戶政事務所 (municipal office) may have a copy. The possibility is close to zero since your mother move out more than 30 years ago. This is also another way to establish ID as well.

    Once she has the birth certificate, she needs to go to TECO and translate it to English.


    I am sure your mother is not in Taiwan. Just in case she is.

    The AIT may be able to issue you a transportation letter that would permit you to return to the United States. In order for the Embassy to issue such a letter, the returning alien must provide a police report (with English translation) and be interviewed by a consular officer. AIT must also obtain confirmation of your resident alien status. Knowing your alien registration number will expedite the process. There is a $165 processing fee for the transportation letter. This fee must be paid at the time the transportation letter is issued.

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