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why carnt most Americans read propperly?

as an Englishmon who is currenttly on buziness in the USA i was just reading a survay which says that most Americans cart read proper like wot we does in this cuntry.

Why carnt Americon read proper, is is becauase they are allways in Mcdonaalds?

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    I can read the writing on the're down to zero points and need a new ID soon.

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    Here's what you do.

    Go into the nearest Mac D's and order a tube of toothpaste.

    The staff have been hand selected for their command of the English language which amounts to a vocabulary of half a dozen words.

    "No, you not have rilsh too burger fish"

    "No, Pepsi no good"

    "Have a twice day".

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    Yur rite! Ive nevur evin herd the wurd Carnt befor

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    Well we would be able to read properly if Englishmen such as yourself knew how to spell properly. Let me help you out a little bit.

    carnt - can't

    propperly - properly

    Englishmon - Englishman

    currenttly - currently

    buziness - business

    survay - survey

    (Americans cart read proper like wot we does in this cuntry) - WTF?

    Ok, I'm tired of finding all your mistakes.

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    maybe because your writing is the worst ever...

    judging by your writing and spelling, if you are a businessman, ooops, pardonnez-moi, an "an Englishmon who is currenttly on buziness in the USA" your business is probably never going to take off...

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    Har Har, Surrey Bloke.

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    That question is right up there with "when a tree falls in the forest" and when you and if you find the answer please let the rest of us in...last week, I questioned their literacy rate and was told, quite seriously in fact, that they have the highest literacy rate in the world...definitely not my world, but is a thought that just popped into my head...Edinburgh citizens used to believe the world ended at the city borders...well, maybe, this concept emigrated to America and they believe the world ends with their borders...y'all av pretty diay!

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    Same reason why Sidney Vicious can't spell ploply!

    Me tinks dis inglishman is pulling de legs keh?

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    I theenk most Americans can reed propperlee. Its just that we can't spel properlee. Eethir that or its just tipos fromm tiping to fast.

    That reminds me. I wahnt a cheese berger.

    Funny. :)

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    Wis luvs Macsdunls, bute ours reade thingy plac is not kul so y go, huh?

    I hate starting over my account

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