Nintendo DS error code 52100?


I live with my mom, and she has Vista, and we use a Comcast router and a private internet gateway. Before we got the gateway, my original DS (not lite) would connect fine, but now when I try to access WI-FI, it comes up with error code 52100, and a window on my laptop pops up and says that there is an IP conflict. I have tried turning off my internet connection, but I still have a problem.

We called Nintendo and they told us that our router was not compatible with the Nintendo DS. However, my brother was able to connect by entering the IP address into his DS and adding 10 to the end of it. I have tried this, and it refuses to work.

If anyone has ANY idea on how I can solve this, it will be very much appreciated.

Thank you. =]


A Note to everyone who posted an answer to my question--

Thank you ALL for your quick responses and helpful answers. I tried nearly all of them, and then I tried something with the IP address, and it connected! I was so happy!

Again, thank you for trying to help me with my problem!

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    I get the same thing. What happend to me was that it would connect to the internet, but then it would say it couldn't connect to WiFi. I had to go into my firewall and tell it to allow the I.P. adress from my DS to access the internet. Hope this helps.

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    1 decade ago

    Someone is stealing your internet. :D

    Or someone has the same IP as you. Try asking your brother to do it on his, or on his DS, there should be a WEP KEY or something like that. I think 2 DS's can share the same WEP KEY. Is Wi-Fi stilll working on his? If it isn't, then it's most likely something else. I don't really have any idea, good luck!

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