The stigma of the station wagon?

Why do people cal RS6 Avants and M5 Tourings soccer mom mobiles, and grocey-getters?

Why do you never see avants and tourings in rap videos instead of sedans?

Why is it that only people with families buy station wagons?

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  • PMack
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    1 decade ago
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    Because people are label and image conscious - and there are stigmas associated to station wagons and minivans.

    There are millions of station wagons on our roads, but let's make it sit higher and maybe or maybe not give it 4 wheel drive and we'll call it a truck/SUV so I seem tougher! Look at the profile of a Subarban or whatever - and then look at the profile of a 1979 Chevy or Ford Wagon - not really much different except the ride height, big tires, etc. But because it's classified as a truck - it doesn't have that soccer mom stigma.

    People should buy what best suits their needs - not because of image, but they don't. If they did, we'd see more station wagons and minivans, and fewer SUV's.

    As for why only people with families buy station wagons, probably because if you don't have kids, you probably don't often carry large items (or large amounts of items), so a sedan might better suit your needs since the trunk is more secure and sedans are usually a bit lighter and quieter without the open back area.

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