Im going to go travelling, havent a clue wat 2 do or where to start? Anyone whos done it any advice?

I live in the uk, will be taking roughly only 6 to 8 weeks of work to go, however if it turns out I need more then I don't mind. Will be booking all flights and accom b4 just to be safe as Im 19 and maybe going on my own yet dunno. just don't know where to start? If you've done it or something similar, any advice would be great. Did you go to a travel agent? Any good sites I can go on? I'll be looking to do quite a bit of America, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Any reccomendations of anywhere else maybe? Oh n roughly any idea of how much it will cost, or how much it cost you n what you did? Lots of questions but I am really starting out in the dark here. Thanks in advance!! Carolyn

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    Hey Carolyn. Good to see you wanna get out n about seeing the great world (i'm aussie, so kudos to coming here, lol).

    As I'm aussie, I only know of the aussie way that it works, although since travelling is an international thing, you would hope that what I say rings true for your side of the world too.

    1) Flight

    Flights at awkward times of the night can save you money due to their inconvenient nature (if budgeting is what your after). Since your doing a very large international trip, I would suggest getting at least 4 but preferably 6 months notice for booking flights and the below.

    2) Passports, Medical History

    You'll want plenty of time to get your passport, travelling information and medical stuff all up to date.

    -You've got to consider the fact that your accom now will be vacant and if you pay, you will have to continue the payments. Consider pets. Mail. Etc.

    -Because your travelling into different worlds, cultures, foods, climates, you want to have all your vaccines/shots up2date so your most prepared. This is specfic on location you want to go to, so discuss with your doctor :)

    -It helps just to make sure all your details are up2date as well, you dont want your passport/travelling info going bung while your on the other side of the world, aye?

    3) Check and Recheck

    You really dont wanna rock up in good ol Aussieland and find out your accom was double-booked do ya? Make sure you got receipts, confirmations, the 100% assuredness that you won't be out of pocket in an alien world.

    I've only really been overseas twice. First to Bali and then to Switzerland...

    ...which reminds me:

    4) Money

    This is probably the most important thing (when isn't it?), you want several different forms of currency, usually: credit card, travellers cheques and local currency cash as well as your own currency cash for quick exchanges. Remember the adage "dont put your eggs all in the one basket" same thing applies here.

    Currency & Exchange: When I went to switzerland I was "loosing" about 25c to make a dollar. Ala, $1AUD = $.75CHF, so for 1 CHF I was spending more than I normally would have at home. Perhaps talking to a banker about any worries you may have would help? :)

    I'm not sure on cost, cause everyone applies their money differently and I might be thinking you wanna go to sydney when really you wanna check out melbourne (pfft, come to brisbane, - see biased again). Essentially, its just window shopping for the "right hotel" and the "right flight" at the "right cost" to make the whole holiday from the takeoff to the touchdown a whole bundle of joy.

    Good luck!!!

    edit: - I forgot to mention. Double check any differences in laws form either country. You dont want to get imprisoned for something that is legal in your country but illegal there. And because your on their turf, its their laws.

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    Hi, Saw lots of andwers from different, but just would like to add a few:

    1) If you are confidient on travelling as Backpacker, simply buy tickets via travel agent where you will get lots of info where you want to go.

    2) Since you are living in UK, I think you should come to Asia where the world is safe to travel, such as thailand, (easy to travel) or Indochina where the new world for the west.

    here are a few website you should try: or

    Enjoy your trip wherever you go.

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    your local government first for any vaccinations or specific restrictions as to these countries in particular for Thailand ; Asian or African countries; to travel to certain areas you have to be up on any health risks; you don't give enough detail;a travel agent is the easier way to go if in experienced; you can always talk to them and tap into their knowledge and advice since they are in the travel industry; I am here in US ; don't know where you would be looking for NY ? LA ?? both expensive but not so very different from UK ; good luck and enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure.

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