Failed Driving Test Five Times Now?

I can't believe it, I've just taken my 5th driving test & still have not passed! My instructor can't believe it! I drive well & when I'm on my lessons or practising with my partner it's piece of cake but when it comes to the test I just can't perform & keep failing on silly minor incidents. Should I give up or stick at it until I eventually pass? It's getting ridiculous having to tell everyone i've failed AGAIN!!

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    Apparently, driving tests are the weirdest things on the planet. The most intelligent people I know (including someone who has never got below an A in any other exam, ever) ar the people who take the most attempts to pass their driving tests. Make sure you let people know that you're one of these highly intelligent people when you let them know you've failed!

    Is it the anxiety that's stopping you from performing in the exam? If so, try things like valerian or Kalms but make sure they won't affect your ability to drive. I take valerian regularly and it eases the stress away, and providing I'm not too tired to begin with I can concentrate fine. Another good idea is to ask to have a quick word with the examiner before you start your test, and let them know that you are really nervous and have made silly mistakes in previous tests that you never make while practising. You may find that talking to them and letting them know will ease the pressure and actually break down a barrier that will encourage them to put you at your ease.

    Don't give up - if you're a good driver in your lessons then you shouldn't have any trouble passing once you overcome the nerves.

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    Failed Driving Test 5 Times

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    Definitely stick to it. I used to be a DMV examiner and I came across a lot of people who had exactly the same problem that you are facing. And they all eventually passed!! Just try to relax. And even if you can't, keep going back for the test anyway. I absolutely guarantee you that you will pass. Below is a link to an article with some tips that might help you. Check out the third tip about stealing test routes in particular. Good luck.

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    My friend Nick took it 6 times, but the fact of the matter is, he is a horrible driver.

    My advice to you is to take a break. Wait a month, get a lot of practice, then when you are ready, take a small car, drink an herbal tea to calm your nerves and just sit for twenty minutes before your test. Relax.

    My guess, by the way you describe it, is that you are just nervous. So don't stress out. You will do fine. Just think... every single person you see driving on the highway had to pass the same test you did. Just calm yourself.

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    Just hang there. I've been through similar situations, and so have many others. The first time I took it I failed because it was a mistake on my part. The second time I got a grumpy old lady as my examiner and that affected my performance. I have yet to pass but the most important thing to remember is to always try again. You will get better each time and you will eventually pass. I know the feeling of having to tell your friends you've failed again when they have already passed. It cuts deep but you will get better knowing that you will try harder the next time. And when you finally are able to show them your license, they won't even remember your struggles. Don't listen to the bozo who posted above me.

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    it took my brother 5 times to past although he was Physically he was not mentally ready he took a break after the 4th time he failed for about 5 weeks then he had 10 hours of practice the week before his 5th test but each lesson as like a test rather than a lesson and he went into the test thinking of it as a mock and he passed 5th time.

    Don't get dis heartened i know its hard but you will be able to do it.

    Don't let others opinions get you down believe in yourself!

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    its probably your nerves, take some 'rescue remedy', I passed on the 2nd attempt, but i work with a fella who sat his 8 times before passing,so don't give up.

    If you know the route the tester is going to take you on drive around it as much as possible so you know the area like the back of your hand.

    You'll get there, don't worry. Then you can start to curse the other drivers of the road!!!

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    hey i passed on my driving test the second time, just save ur money and go in an automatic, u will have a much better chance of passing. letter on wen ur confident enough just do a manual test. at least u dont have to pay for another theory test.

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    have lots of mock tests with your instructor, tell him/her to make it really strict exam conditions where you are marked exactly like an examiner would mark, you will get used to test conditions this way and you won't be so nervous when you have to sit an actual driving test again.

  • beanie
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    Its just your nerves getting the better of you. The only way to conquer it is to keep on taking the test until you get over that fear and it becomes easier as you become more confident. I know it sounds silly, but it might be worth applying to a different test centre and trying somewhere new. I did that and it worked for me.

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